Secret Santa Revealed

Ooooooh, only 21 sleeps until Christmas :D

It is this time of year that we all look forward to spending time with family & friends. The preparation is just as exciting too, with late night shopping, food planning & the decorating of a real (or possibly virtual) Christmas Tree.

I am in the priveleged position to have an extended set of friends too. Over the years of producing videos, the cool comments come flooding in, the tweets go crazy and the likes on Facebook make me smile. On Twitter & YouTube I communicate with some super cool people, mainly gadget addicts like me, but really a diverse mix. So when I was contacted to take part in a Secret Santa by MoneySuperMarket I was super excited.

The time to reveal the recipient of my gift is now here … and boy oh boy was I smiling when I saw that I had been partnered with a fellow geek. So my Christmas Gift is winging its way to GadgetsBoy … making his Christmas that little bit brighter.

For a nice twist & to keep everyone guessing, just what should I buy someone who handles tech every day? 

Winter Warmers
Maybe some Touch Screen Gloves are in order. Keeping those fingers warm and frost free, whilst still being able to keep those Tweets & Instagram pics coming. These look really geeky and good value for money. I have seen these in varying styles and always fancied a pair myself. Maybe I am drawn to these because I WANT THEM!!! I have heard many a funny story over the years where people buy gifts for others that they really wish they were receiving. Now, if someone could invent some Gaming Gloves to make me play a little better… Hmmmmmmm. 


Now, I know that GadgetsBoy likes his gaming, both hardcore & casual, so I went on the search for something that would make this a little more unique & enjoyable. The JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick came to mind and certainly looks the part. Made of aluminium, it looks superbly engineered and attaches to your iPad (or other tablet) for the ultimate control. I really like the look of this and think it could finally see my good friend achieving some good scores.

Staying Alert
Working with and testing all this tech takes time. We both work hard and play hard. Maybe a mix of caffeine and multi-vitamins will do the trick and keep my friend producing all those great articles & videos. I don't believe in getting drunk (although I know many do have a very MERRY Christmas), but I do think staying alert & happy, allows us all to pass on that love and enthusiasm that we have. Making someone else smile, through a comment or a video or a goodwill gesture is a must thing to do. Maybe a month's supply of React Energy Drinks will do the trick!!! When your eyes are getting tired Mr GadgetsBoy, sit back and re-energize yourself… will this be your gift? 

So, I guess we will all have to sit back and wait to see what I send my good friend for Christmas. Have a great time everyone… enjoy your technology, enjoy your gadgets, but most of all … enjoy your friends, family and close ones and have an EPIC CHRISTMAS !!!