The Gadget Show Live GIVEAWAY

The Gadget Show Live is taking place at the NEC Birmingham on 31st March thru 3rd April 2016. This show will be epic, with halls filled with the latest tech, plus the awesome live shows too. 

To help you get there, we have TEN pairs of tickets up from grabs, with multiple ways for you to enter. Check out the giveaway below. 

Olympus TG-850 Winner

So the winner has been chosen. Both myself and the Olympus UK team went through all the amazing #TG850MAY photo entries and unanimously agreed on the winner. The theme for May was to post 'action' or 'tough' themed photos and this one from Joseph Choi really captured so much action in the boy doing an awesome flip. The emotion in the face is epic too. Congratulations go out to Joseph who has won an Olympus Stylus Tough TG-850 camera. Thank you to everyone else who took part, keep checking back for more photography competitions coming soon. 

WIN the experience of a lifetime and an Xperia Z1

Sony Xperia GB are teaming up with Ed Stafford and his crew of intrepid explorers to take the Xperia Z1, the world's best camera in a waterproof smartphone, to four Hidden Wonders of the World, testing its capabilities to the limit. Follow them as they post clues along the way and locate the Xperia Z1 for your chance to win a trip to one of our Hidden Wonders. This sounds like an excellent adventire and you can discover more, along with details of how to enter here

Why No BIG Giveaways?

Over the past few weeks, we have seen a growing trend in the number of emails here at Geekanoids HQ asking why we don't do big giveaways. Many of them citing other channels that give away smartphones, tablets & laptops on a semi-regular basis. Wherever possible, all emails get a response, but a couple asked us to make a video response. Whilst this subject does not really warrant a video, we are happy to cover the subject here.

From the outset, the Geekanoids Channel was put together to share valuable information about the latest technology to hit the scene. The primary goal of most videos is to help prospective buyers make an informed purchasing decision. There is nothing worse than buying a piece of tech, only to find it either under-delivers or does not have the features you were expecting. We hope that the videos that appear on the channel help give you the info you need.

As Geekanoids grew, it became possible for us to fund our own smaller giveaways and also publish sponsored videos whereby the prize was supplied to us. When we run these videos it is for the sole purspose of giving back to you, the viewers. It is our way of appreciating you watching and more importantly being part of our community. Think of it as an 'exclusive club' where you are all really appreciated. In fact just recently, with some hard behind-the-scenes work, we managed to secure three new sponsors, so we are able to share some really nice products with more of you.

When you see channels doing large giveaways, of course, enter, you would be silly not too. If you win a nice new smartphone then congratulations. We would even enter these on occasion, in the hope we would win and be able to give the prize away to someone who has supported Geekanoids. What I would be wary of though is channels that do this purely to build viewers & subscribers. The reason I mention this is that we still live in an online society where numbers matter. When approaching PR companies for products, the often look at the number, rather than the community & engagement the channel offers. If you see a channel that is just running big giveaways time after time, just bookmark them as such, enter & move on (oh and good luck).
There are some exceptions to this, for example TechnoBuffalo run regular giveaways. These are sponsored though and their other content speaks for itself, backing up that they are a trusted source of information. 

In closing, the question still remains unanswered… why don't Geekanoids run big giveaways. Well, it is not to say that we never will. If the opportunity arises to give away a nice sponsor prize that will perhaps kickstart a budding video producers career, that would be epic and we would jump on it. However, for the timebeing, we are happy with where the channel is. With previous, current & future giveaways, we have helped so many people with YouTube related products and will continue along that path as it is truer to our overall vision of our community.

Secret Santa Revealed

Ooooooh, only 21 sleeps until Christmas :D

It is this time of year that we all look forward to spending time with family & friends. The preparation is just as exciting too, with late night shopping, food planning & the decorating of a real (or possibly virtual) Christmas Tree.

I am in the priveleged position to have an extended set of friends too. Over the years of producing videos, the cool comments come flooding in, the tweets go crazy and the likes on Facebook make me smile. On Twitter & YouTube I communicate with some super cool people, mainly gadget addicts like me, but really a diverse mix. So when I was contacted to take part in a Secret Santa by MoneySuperMarket I was super excited.

The time to reveal the recipient of my gift is now here … and boy oh boy was I smiling when I saw that I had been partnered with a fellow geek. So my Christmas Gift is winging its way to GadgetsBoy … making his Christmas that little bit brighter.

For a nice twist & to keep everyone guessing, just what should I buy someone who handles tech every day? 

Winter Warmers
Maybe some Touch Screen Gloves are in order. Keeping those fingers warm and frost free, whilst still being able to keep those Tweets & Instagram pics coming. These look really geeky and good value for money. I have seen these in varying styles and always fancied a pair myself. Maybe I am drawn to these because I WANT THEM!!! I have heard many a funny story over the years where people buy gifts for others that they really wish they were receiving. Now, if someone could invent some Gaming Gloves to make me play a little better… Hmmmmmmm. 


Now, I know that GadgetsBoy likes his gaming, both hardcore & casual, so I went on the search for something that would make this a little more unique & enjoyable. The JOYSTICK-IT Tablet Arcade Stick came to mind and certainly looks the part. Made of aluminium, it looks superbly engineered and attaches to your iPad (or other tablet) for the ultimate control. I really like the look of this and think it could finally see my good friend achieving some good scores.

Staying Alert
Working with and testing all this tech takes time. We both work hard and play hard. Maybe a mix of caffeine and multi-vitamins will do the trick and keep my friend producing all those great articles & videos. I don't believe in getting drunk (although I know many do have a very MERRY Christmas), but I do think staying alert & happy, allows us all to pass on that love and enthusiasm that we have. Making someone else smile, through a comment or a video or a goodwill gesture is a must thing to do. Maybe a month's supply of React Energy Drinks will do the trick!!! When your eyes are getting tired Mr GadgetsBoy, sit back and re-energize yourself… will this be your gift? 

So, I guess we will all have to sit back and wait to see what I send my good friend for Christmas. Have a great time everyone… enjoy your technology, enjoy your gadgets, but most of all … enjoy your friends, family and close ones and have an EPIC CHRISTMAS !!!

Tech Giveaway-a-Day - DAY 3 Winners

Over on the Geekanoids Channel it has been an exciting week. Seven days, with a new giveaway every single day. My way of saying thank you to all my viewers & readers.

Day three saw some awesome prizes courtesy of Incipio and it gives me great pleasure announcing the three winners here. 

1st Prize goes to @BTechTalk … who wins a Legend Hard Shell Case for the iPhone 4/4S.
2nd Prize goes to @bouvanrooij … who wins a new iPad Flagship Folio Brushed Aluminum Hard Shell Case
3rd Prize goes to @Frogy0 who picks up an awesome Denver Nylon Sleeve for the 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Congratulations to all the winners, you will be contacted via Twitter with details of how to claim your prizes. Many thanks to all those who entered too.

Geek Competition Results - the finalists

The results of the Geek Competition were announced earlier today. It now gives us great pleasure to share the three finalists with you here. Click through to see their channels & of course subscribe if you like what you see (I am sure you will). A big thank you to all the companies involved in supplying prizes too.

First Runner-up is houlker199 who wins a Belkin Tri-Fold Folio & PowerPack 4000 (thanks to Belkin).

 Second Runner-up is TechMeOut who wins a Belkin Tri-Fold Folio & PowerPack 4000 (thanks to Belkin).

The Grand Final Winner is TechnologyGadgets who wins the following;
Blackberry Curve 9380 (thanks to Blackberry UK).
Editors Keys SL150 Mic & FCPX Keyboard (thanks to Editors Keys).
White Sennheiser HD228 Headphones (thanks to Purely Gadgets).
Belkin Conserve Surge Protector (thanks to Belkin).

Geek Competition Results

Over the past three months we have been running a very cool competition. Giving viewers the chance to make a video on a particular theme each month, with a winner selected in each round to earn their place in the final. 

I would like to personally thank everyone who entered. It has been a great pleasure watching all your videos, all of which were entertaining in their own individual way. In a way, it is a shame that there can only be three grand final entries. If you were not selected, do not worry, there will be plenty more opportunities in the future… keep making videos… and keep enjoying what you do.

Well, the time has come now. The video below reveals the best from round three, followed by the three videos in the Grand Final and of course the overall winner. I won't spoil anything in this text, other than to say congratulations to the prize winners. There will be a further post later, showing all three finalist videos for you to enjoy.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Winners

Back on the 20th July we posted a video review of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 (see video below). This superb collection of applications really does deliver a well rounded package to give the creative designer some very powerful & intuitive tools. Please do check out the video & the Corel website.

In the video, we also gave viewers the chance to win one of three CorelDRAW packages. With so many entries, I would like to personally thank everyone who took part.
The winners are detailed below, congratulations go out to;

Engadget's first UK Giveaway to win one of three Sony Xperia S phones!

You asked, you pined and here it is -- welcome to our first (but certainly not last) UK competition. To kick off proceedings, we have three of Sony's latest flagship, the Xperia S, to offer up to our readers on the eastern side of the Atlantic. As it's our first competition for Britons, we advise that you read up on the rules after the break, then just leave a comment below to enter.  Unfortunately, the adorable robot isn't up for grabs in our giveaway (we asked), but if you manage to track down a similar automaton around the UK, Sony's running a separate contest where you can net a free Xperia U in exchange -- visit the more coverage link for hints. Good luck!

[Source: To read the full article visit Engadget]

Geekanoids Photo Critique - January 2012 Result - Street

Throughout January everyone got busy with their cameras and submitted some awesome photos to the January Flickr Group. I would like to say a big thank you to all those who took part.

The best ten photos below (in no particular order) have all been discussed in the video above and the best photo has been chosen. Courtesy of the kind people at Albelli UK, the photographer of the winning photo has been awarded a £30 voucher to spend at which can be used against an order of a wonderful photo book or other photo related item.

Sleeping #9

Sleeping #9 by Casaper



Unamed by electrotek


Day #13 • The Market

Day #13 The Market by Andy Nico



Indieo by swingking85


SPNC - Year 2 - Instruction # 07  PINK

SNPC - Year 2 - Instruction #7 Pink by fitzlaurafitz



Unamed by Mauro Saranga


prime pink

Prime Pink by LoWinterSun


Big Issue

Big Issue by CJ Ware



Bikes by Olly Fallon



Waiting by Samlui54321