With 50M Videos Indexed, Showyou Relaunches Its iPhone App With A New Back End And Easier Sharing

When the Showyou app first launched last spring, it was a bit of a revelation. The iPad app made discovering and watching videos on the iPad a breeze. And oh, are there plenty of videos to check out. With major partnerships at a number of the major video sites — like YouTube and Vimeo — it’s indexed more than 50 million online videos to choose from. But while Showyou is best known for its iPad app, it’s come out with a totally revamped app for the iPhone that it hopes will help people find and share interesting videos on the go.

The use case for the iPad and iPhone are clearly different, and that’s reflected in the engagement numbers: Showyou users on the iPad watch about seven or eight videos a session, which can average up to 35 or 40 minutes a piece. These people are watching during primetime hours, maybe in bed as a way to decompress at the end of the day. But iPhone users are typically video “snackers” — they watch three or four videos at a time by comparison, and their viewing sessions tend to be spread more evenly throughout the day.

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