Meet the Vers 1Q: the speaker gets Kickstarted and ships this November

If you're in the market for a battery-powered speaker and are willing to splurge a bit, then you'd be wise to check out the 1Q from Vers. The diminutive, 3-inch cube-shaped music system is said to provide some impressive tunes all by its lonesome, but it can also be paired with another 1Q to provide true stereo sound. Also, thanks to a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity, the little guy is sure to work with any number of devices. Naturally, much of the 1Q's allure is due to its hand-crafted wooden enclosure, which is available in walnut and bamboo varieties. The Vers 1Q has eight days left in its Kickstarter funding phase, but it's not like the project will need your help across the finish line: it's already surpassed the goal nine times over. Fortunately for you, this provides an opportunity to snag a 1Q for just $95; when it hits the market in November, the speaker will retail for $120. For even more details, be sure to hit up the PR after the break.

[Source: Engadget]