My favorites in budget Bluetooth sound

I'm a proud member of the Bluetooth cyborg army. I'm the guy who always seems to be talking to himself in the car next to you at red lights, and I'm the dude at the gym working out to Spotify, podcasts, or Audible with a flashing thing in my ear. Since going wireless for almost all my audio needs, I've never looked back and have actually become a bit of a connoisseur, particularly when it comes to budget Bluetooth options...

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StreamPortô Universal: Transform your Sound System with Wireless in less than 60 Seconds

Bayan Audioís StreamPortô Universal is a wireless audio adapter which lets you stream impressive near-CD quality audio from media players (phones, tablets, notebooks) to existing audio/speaker systems without the need for cables - freeing up your favourite gadgets to stay by your side for browsing.    
Many audio systems need media players to be physically connected, making them awkward to use and forcing a choice between music and tweeting, or Spotify radio and games. By enhancing these sound systems with the StreamPortô Universal, your personal devices can finally stream audio whilst simultaneously being used to multi-task - without any need to compromise on quality or convenience.
The StreamPortô Universal enables you to stream music, podcasts and Internet radio from any Bluetooth A2DP-compatible device (including many Apple, Android & Windows players) to your existing sound system (including Hi-Fi, docks and soundbars). Such extensive compatibility eliminates the need for you to worry about expensive upgrades or maintaining a single-brand system in order to enjoy quality wireless audio.

Wahoo Fitness launches a Bluetooth smart scale for $99

With its new Balance Smartphone Scale, Wahoo Fitness clearly has designs on Withings' corner of the fitness gadget market. There's no phone dongles or shoe clips here -- simply step on the scale and your weight will be recorded and synced to the companion iOS app. The Balance can record up to 130 weigh-ins before needing to push the information to your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth, which you can then share with the usual cloud services (should you need further reason to feel ashamed). The scale can manage the profiles of up to 16 different users and keep tabs on everyone's weight and BMI goals. Unlike its competition, there's no WiFi option, which means you can't sync your shame directly to the web. But, having to take the intermediary step of pulling out your phone presumably has helped the company shave the price down to $99. You can pre-order the Balance now for delivery the first week of December.

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Larklife fitness tracker syncs your data over Bluetooth, knows when you're running instead of walking

In case you haven't noticed, fitness gadgets are having something of a moment right now. The past year alone has seen the launch of Nike's FuelBand, the ill-fated Jawbone Up and a refreshed line of Fitbit trackers. Now another product is arriving that promises to do basically the same thing -- namely, track your activity, sleep patterns and food intake using a wearable gadget and mobile app. That thing you see up there is called Larklife and for now, at least, it works exclusively with iOS devices. It's a splash-resistant (but not waterproof) band that has a pedometer inside, counting your steps throughout the day. It can also tell how long you sleep each night, as well as how long it takes you to nod off. There's even a vibrating alarm built into the band -- something we first saw on the Up earlier this year. (As it happens, Lark's earlier products were sleep aids, so the inclusion of this feature actually makes a lot of sense.) As for monitoring your dietary habits, Larklife doesn't automatically track your food intake, but the app does include a food diary where you can manually enter your meals.

Additionally, Larklife uses Bluetooth Smart to automatically sync with your iPhone so that you don't have to plug the band into a PC just to update your fitness stats. (The new Fitbit trackers work this way this too.) Additionally, the band uses a proprietary technology that can discern when you're running or walking, which means the app will log workouts even if you forget to enter them. The last intriguing bit is that the app dishes out smart, contextually aware advice. Didn't get much sleep last night? Larklife will remind you to eat more protein than usual at breakfast, so that you have enough energy to get you through the day. The app also rewards good behavior in the form of iOS notifications and colorful on-screen badges, though competing products admittedly take a very similar approach when it comes to keeping users motivated.

Larklife is up for pre-order starting today, and is priced at $150 -- a rather large premium over the new Fitbit One, which will sell for $100. As for precise availability, all we know is that retailers will start stocking Larklife "before the holidays." Whether that means Halloween, Thanksgiving or some gift-giving celebration will be revealed some other day.

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LG's first VoLTE Bluetooth headset revealed: Tone + packs 'high-quality' audio codec

LG isn't short of a few Voice over LTE handsets, but this neck-hugging Bluetooth handset promises to offer similarly crisp voice calls, if the feature's available, without the need to fumble around in your pockets . The Tone + headset totes a pair of in-ear buds, is available in both white and black and will even vibrate in Battle Royale terror style when you receive a call. LG has built in a "professional grade audio codec", the aptX, to improve audio performance alongside that VoLTE compatibility. The headphones can event pair to two devices (even two smartphones) and read out your received SMS messages. You can expect the micro-USB rechargeable Tone+ to last around 15 hours of talk-time, or 500 hours on standby. Pricing is yet to be confirmed, but LG promise to launch the device in the US, Korea and China by the end of the month.

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Meet the Vers 1Q: the speaker gets Kickstarted and ships this November

If you're in the market for a battery-powered speaker and are willing to splurge a bit, then you'd be wise to check out the 1Q from Vers. The diminutive, 3-inch cube-shaped music system is said to provide some impressive tunes all by its lonesome, but it can also be paired with another 1Q to provide true stereo sound. Also, thanks to a 3.5mm headphone jack and Bluetooth connectivity, the little guy is sure to work with any number of devices. Naturally, much of the 1Q's allure is due to its hand-crafted wooden enclosure, which is available in walnut and bamboo varieties. The Vers 1Q has eight days left in its Kickstarter funding phase, but it's not like the project will need your help across the finish line: it's already surpassed the goal nine times over. Fortunately for you, this provides an opportunity to snag a 1Q for just $95; when it hits the market in November, the speaker will retail for $120. For even more details, be sure to hit up the PR after the break.

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Logitech introduce new range of accessories


Logitech is today unveiling a line of iPad and Android-based tablet accessories that enable you to make the most of your tablet, no matter how or where you use it. Whether you want to catch up with friends on Facebook, post quick updates to your blog or send an email or share you favourite music – Logitech has the perfect tablet accessory. Please find further information on today’s launches below:


Logitech Keyboard Case: £89.99
· Exclusively for iPad 2 users who need a keyboard on the go
· Doubles up as stand
· Sleek aluminium cover with military-grade, high-density padding
· Intuitive keyboard layout and improved keystrokes for comfortable typing


Logitech Wireless Speaker: £89.99
· Eliminates cables
· Rich, full stereo sound from up to 50 feet away from your iPad or Android tablet
· Rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 10 hours
· Easy Bluetooth wireless setup


Logitech Tablet Keyboard: £49.99
· Keyboard-and-stand combo
· Tailored versions for iPad and Android tablets
· Designed to travel easily
· Can be used on your desk, lap or anywhere within 30 feet of your table
· Quick setup with Bluetooth wireless



A New Handheld Bluetooth Keyboard With Touchpad

AHX Global has announced the immediate availability of the itablet Thumb Keyboard, a new Bluetooth keyboard with patented rear-facing touchpad. It is compatible with a wide range of Bluetooth-equipped devices including iPad, iPhone, tablet computers and mobile phones. 

The itablet Thumb Keyboard is also compatible with many other Bluetooth-enabled devices including the latest interactive IPTV systems providing a convenient way for users to interact with screen content from the comfort of their armchair. In addition, it can be used with commonly used gaming platforms including the Sony PS3 and Nintendo XBox 360.
According to Francis Davis of AHX Global: "The Thumb Keyboard provides a fast and intuitive way to create emails, tweets, texts and documents. It is the perfect antidote to the awkward onscreen keyboards used to enter data and text into today's mobile devices that do not have proper keyboards."
The itablet Thumb Keyboard is battery operated and ergonomically designed to be comfortable to hold and easy to use at the same time. The patented rear-facing touchpad provides fast and accurate cursor control using either index finger, and the keys are backlit for use in low lighting conditions. The compact size of this new keyboard (150 x 90mm) also means that it can fit into a standard tablet carry bag. 
This new keyboard is available in black or white versions with UK and USA keyboard layouts. Other commonly used keyboard formats will be launched in Q3 2011.