Carbonite Mobile backs up the contents of your phone, Android version supports remote wipes

Before today, Carbonite had a few mobile apps, but the backup process was something of a one-way street: you could access content on your handset, but you couldn't back up the contents of your phone. That changes today with Carbonite Mobile, a free app for iOS and Android that allows you to upload photos and other files to In addition to backup, though, the Android version offers some features typically reserved for standalone mobile security apps -- things like remote wiping and the ability to reset the phone to factory settings if it falls into the wrong hands. Additionally, you can use the app to locate your lost device on a map, and you can also set off the ringer, even if you had set the phone to vibrate. In the case of the Android app, the software will run in the background; due to Apple's different set of APIs, it won't run 24/7. However, all you iPhone owners out there can program the application so that it backs up the device automatically when you get home. Curious? We've got screenshots below along with download links in Google Play and the App Store

[Source: Engadget]