CES 2013 | Best Lifestyle Product

CES 2013 has certainly given us a look into the future, with some products a year or more off being in our hands, but others just around the corner. There have been plenty of highlights in each section, but in the Lifestyle category, one product stood head & shoulders above the rest.

With many of us sitting in front of a desk, hour after hour, five or six days a week, it is important to get in some serious activity. There are plenty of products that try to encourage this, with FitBit being one that caught my attention early last year.

FitBit make these little sensors … think of them as high tech pedometers if you will, but then look at how much more information they actually offer. They track your activity, steps taken etc, with some models even tracking floors climbed and sleep patterns too.

Their newest product, the FitBit Flex moves away from their other clip-style trackers and puts the technology onto your wrist. The 'Flex' also adds the ability to sync your data with various devices (iOS and some Android) via Bluetooth 4.0, as well as talking nicely with Mac & Windows PCs. Once the sync has completed, you get a very nice user interface in your browser to help you analyse your progress. The Flex is due out soon and available to pre-order now on the FitBit website. I am looking forward to bringing you some video coverage very soon.