More Details on Geekanoids 2013 Content

About a week or so ago I started talking about the new content that will be coming to The Geekanoids Channel. Well, half of the story is almost ready to share. We have been investing in new equipment, which is now in the studio and in place. The results are looking very good.

As a trial, three videos have been recorded. The first of which will be shown mid-next week. The review incorporates the usual in-depth look at the product being tested. However, in addition, we have some special footage cut into the edit which will give you even more detail about the product. I won't give you any 100% spoilers here, but would like to say that it looks really good. Not every product will be treated to this special footage, only those that warrant it. In addition, since shooting these three trial videos, another piece of equipment arrived so further improvements can be made for future videos.

Geekanoids has now been publishing videos for six years and we always endeavour to improve the content year-on-year. This is just one step we have taken. Plenty more funds throughout 2013 will be invested to ensure that you get superb videos to both inform & entertain you.

The second half of the Geekanoids 2013 story is still in planning. Be sure to check back on the channel and of course the website regularly so you are the first to know the big news.