BlackBerry 10 promises six phones, 90 per cent of major apps

Half a dozen BlackBerry 10 phones are coming this year, with 70,000 apps at your fingertips including nine out of ten of the big names.

Speaking to FierceWireless, the marketing boss of BlackBerry builder Research in Motion confirmed we'd see at least six BlackBerry 10 devices, at a range of prices.

RIM also said that BlackBerry 10 will have 70,000 apps, including 90 per cent of the top 600 apps on rival platforms.

BlackBerry 10 is the much-anticipated next generation of software for the clicky-keyed phones popular with business types and messaging teenagers alike. There's a lot riding on the new lineup of phones and software as RIM's market share is in serious trouble, after coming under pressure from the iPhone and Android in recent years.

One of Android's strengths is that you can buy Android-powered smart phones at almost any price. By selling low-cost phones as well as premium models BlackBerry can appeal to the BlackBerry Messenger-loving teen market as well as the business-loving serious types.

RIM better hurry up though -- Samsung is aiming to swoop into businesses, investing in security and reliability to replace BlackBerry as your next work phone. 

The first two BlackBerry phones will be unveiled with the new software at the end of this month. One will sport a traditional BlackBerry keyboard, while the other will have a full touchscreen. There won't be any deals to make them exclusive to one particular network.

[Source: CNET]