Bump Update for iOS and Android Lets Users Share Files Between Their Phone and Computer

Bump on Thursday introduced an update to its iOS and Android apps, allowing users to easily send content from their phone to a computer. Everything on Bump’s end seems good to go—you’ll need to go to the company’s website for this to work, where you’ll be able to send just about any file imaginable up to 20MB in size.

Bump previously allowed users to hock files from phone to phone, and this is obviously a natural extension in functionality. Additionally, files from a computer can also be shared to a phone, meaning it’s a two-way highway; files you do wind up sending from your computer to Bump are stored in the app itself.

If you’ve been frustrated with getting files from your device to your computer, Bump might be a nice option. Of course, you can always just use something like Dropbox, which is just as easy.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]