Tweetbot 2.7 for iPhone adds Vine, Flickr previews

The awesome Twitter client from Tapbots has just been updated.Tweetbot 2.7 for iPhone(US$2.99) adds some welcome additions that make it easier to take advantage of some video and photo sharing services.

If you've downloaded and installed the Vine app for sharing video clips with others, you're going to love Tweetbot 2.7. The update now provides inline viewing support for Vine and photo sharing app Flickr.

Some of us don't use Safari on our iOS devices, preferring the Google Chrome browser instead. Now Tweetbot settings provides a way to select your favorite browser to open links in. Finally, users can tap and hold a link and select "Open in Chrome". The release notes also state that there's an ability to open links in 1Password, although that's only true for versions 4.0 and later of the secure password keeper app.

The update is available for immediate download for existing users of the app.

[Source: TUAW]