Apple In Trouble with EU Commission Over Warranty Coverage

Apparently Australia isn’t the only market where Apple fails to properly inform consumers of extended warranties beyond the company’s standard one year coverage. The European Union also has rights that protect consumers under a two-year warranty.

Tuesday, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding discussed a review of 27 EU states on whether Apple has properly advised buyer’s coverage rights, explicitly, the extension of two-year coverage under EU laws.

Most Apple consumers are likely familiar with the up-sell of Apple Care products when purchasing new Apple goods, however in some nations the standard warranty for specified classes of goods are automatically covered in extended warranty coverage. In the EU, that coverage extends to two years. Apple has been accused of not properly informing consumers that they have this coverage and employees have apparently been pushing Apple Care services without informing customers they already have two years without additional cost. Regarding practices in Europe, Reding said Apple’s approach is “simply not good enough.”

Apple has already faced fines and additional action in Italy, where employees failed to properly inform consumers of their product warranty protection, and instead were pushing Apple Care services. Apple ended up remedying the matter by simply pulling Apple Care off the shelves in Italy.

As of yet, no statement or reaction from Apple has been issued.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]