Who Really Wants a Facebook Phone?

On April 4, Facebook will unveil its “New Home on Android.” The software is designed to put Facebook front and center on people’s Android phones, and it seems HTC will be among the first to partner with the company on this.

I haven’t said much about the prospect of a Facebook phone because… well, I can’t seem to get my brain around it. There’s an internal dialogue going on — a debate, if you will — that leaves me struggling to make sense of it all.

Let’s start with HTC. Now this is a company that needs to strengthen its position in mobile. While it got off to a great start with the HTC One, it still can’t compete with the likes of Apple or Samsung. And so it needs to get creative about its approach.

And it sees partnering with Facebook as one of the ways forward? Didn’t its previous forays with Facebooking smartphones crash and burn?

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