Chinese man steals iPhone from bicyclist using chopsticks

A talented thief is making headlines in China after he pickpocketed an iPhone from an unsuspecting bicyclist. What makes the theft newsworthy is his method of stealing -- some careful moves and a single pair of chopsticks.

Photos of the theft hit the Internet in China and show a man in a suit coat and jeans running alongside a group of bikes. The "suit man" then reaches out with a pair of chopsticks and lifts a phone delicately out of a cyclist's pocket. A final photo shows him walking away with his prize, which appears to be an iPhone or an iPhone clone.

Pressured by the circulating news reports, the thief, surnamed Wang, contacted a local journalist, who recorded his story and accompanied him when he turned himself into police. According to the report in the ShanghaiIst, Wang turned to stealing because he was struggling to raise his 12-year-old child alone.

[Source: TUAW]