Motorola X Phone Delayed Until August

Motorola’s upcoming lineup (what lineup?) of Android devices is apparently not up toGoogle’s standards. We’ve heard a lot about a potential X Phone, but little to show for it—and the rumors have been conflicting. While many are expecting the company, which is under the guidance of Google, to introduce a big flagship during I/O in May, one report suggests we won’t see such a device until August.

According to a source speaking with PhoneArena, the device is still very much in its early prototype phase. As in, nowhere near a final retail build. The X Phone tale has been spun in many directions over the past several months, and it’s become increasingly difficult to keep track. First we heard one single flagship was coming, and then a report suggesting a build-to-order initiative.

PhoneArena claims the X Phone is just a single device, and that we’ve already seen a renderof the prototype. The handset itself will allegedly have a 4.7-inch Full HD display and minimal bezel, but otherwise specs are unknown. I’m sure plenty of folks are eagerly anticipating a big flagship to drop, but I’d be more interested in what Google will introduce in the next iteration of Android.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]