Wii U Sales Jump 125% in UK

Here’s some good news for Nintendo’s offices in the European region: the Wii U enjoyed a 125 percent sales jump in UK during its most recent week at retail.

The cause for the upshot in sales? Blame it on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and a price cut by retailers in the region. The new software and the adjusted cost pushed consumers to head out to shops and pick up the Wii U.

While 125 percent sounds like an awesome figure for Nintendo’s brand new console, it’s important to consider that the Wii U has been performing horribly in the UK. A more than double jump in sales still doesn’t make the machine as popular as the big N needs it to be.

Still, a positive is a positive, and hopefully this sales boost is a sign of things to come for Nintendo’s hardware. I’ll stick by my original perception of the Wii U: give it great games and it will sell.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]