Windows 8.1 is Official Name for Microsoft’s Project Blue


Microsoft recently confirmed that it’s working on new developments for its Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms under the code name “Project Blue.” The company hasn’t revealed much about what Project Blue will entail, but ZDNET’s Mary Jo Foley has learned from inside sources that the Redmond-based company will ultimately call the release Windows 8.1. A similar update called Windows 8.1 RT is also scheduled for Windows RT.

Foley said Microsoft is currently planning to push the update in August, but that Microsoft will continue to call the operating system “Windows 8″ to avoid confusion among consumers. That’s a similar approach that the company took when it released service pack updates to its earlier operating systems. Foley isn’t aware of any pricing for the cost of the planned upgrades, if there’s any cost to consumers at all.

It’s unclear how Windows Phone will play a part of Project Blue, although we suspect an update for the platform is also in the works.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]