Costly DRAM is Driving Up Graphics Card Prices

Are you planning to build a gaming PC for the summer? If so, you might want to get started early in order to get the most bang for your buck. Yesterday we told you that desktop DRAM pricing is on the rise as contract chip prices have already jumped 50 percent in 2013, spiking 20 percent in March alone, and now we’re hearing that graphics cards are getting more expensive.

Once again, you can blame memory chip makers. According to Digitimes and its sources within the graphics card business, several video card vendors have increased retail prices for products made with DDR3 memory in the DIY market. Prices are up 10-15 percent, the news and rumor site says.

Those same sources say it’s unlikely graphics card pricing will drop in the next six months, though it’s not all bad news. To help offset the rising retail costs, vendors are getting more aggressive in their promotions, some of which we’ve already seen. AMD, for example, has given away some sweet triple AAA titles as part of its ongoing Never Settle bundles. It’s been rumored that the next Never Settle bundle will include Battlefield 4.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]