Interactive Games On The Android Operating System

 Image Credit:  Richtaur

Image Credit: Richtaur

Mobile devices are the gaming public's favourite way to play these days, with millions, if not billions, of people across the world enjoying using their smartphones and tablets to game. Of all of these devices, the majority run on Google's Android operating system, a fast, sleek OS that has won over the hearts of mobile users thanks to its great levels of functionality, great for all manner of tasks, including gaming. So which are the best games that run on Android?


Long plotlines and gameplay that facilitates the dipping in and out of the game - great for mobile users on the go - RPGs are very popular on Android. Dungeon Hunter 5, where players take on the role of a bounty hunter hoping to reunify a war-torn land, bears close semblance to the Diablo series, whilst 80 Days, a more literature-like title based around Jules Verne's "Around The World in 80 Days" is great for players who enjoy getting truly lost in character and story.

Play For Cash

The truest, newest kind of casual game, titles in which players can earn money playing have proved very popular with the gaming public in the past decade. If you enjoy games such as bingo, try out Coral, a lovely, rather lucrative site where players can socialise, play and take advantage of all manner of promotions released each day. If paid-for isn't your purview, try the completely free, very highly regarded Roulette Royale - Casino. Play with bots or with friends, competing for bragging rights and leader board places!


There will always be a large audience of people who get their kicks from blowing stuff up, and Android caters very well for this clique. World Of Tanks Blitz is completely free, yet features all the tanks, graphics and physics that we've come to love in the PC version, plus 7 vs. 7 multiplayer! For those that enjoy contemporary combat, definitely download Modern Combat 5: Blackout, another title that's completely free. Awesome fire fights and console quality rendering, plus the choice to play either a single player campaign or a multiplayer match, makes this a true classic.


Passing time on the commute was never so much fun with titles such as Threes! Where, players move numbered tiles, adding them up in order to make larger multiples of three. Very addictive. Finally, The Room Two, a game from Fireproof Games that has players following a trail of cryptic letters provided by a scientist.

Do you know any other games that Android lovers simply must download? Let us know what they are in the comments section!