Interactive Games On The Android Operating System

Image Credit:  Richtaur

Image Credit: Richtaur

Mobile devices are the gaming public's favourite way to play these days, with millions, if not billions, of people across the world enjoying using their smartphones and tablets to game. Of all of these devices, the majority run on Google's Android operating system, a fast, sleek OS that has won over the hearts of mobile users thanks to its great levels of functionality, great for all manner of tasks, including gaming. So which are the best games that run on Android?


Long plotlines and gameplay that facilitates the dipping in and out of the game - great for mobile users on the go - RPGs are very popular on Android. Dungeon Hunter 5, where players take on the role of a bounty hunter hoping to reunify a war-torn land, bears close semblance to the Diablo series, whilst 80 Days, a more literature-like title based around Jules Verne's "Around The World in 80 Days" is great for players who enjoy getting truly lost in character and story.

Play For Cash

The truest, newest kind of casual game, titles in which players can earn money playing have proved very popular with the gaming public in the past decade. If you enjoy games such as bingo, try out Coral, a lovely, rather lucrative site where players can socialise, play and take advantage of all manner of promotions released each day. If paid-for isn't your purview, try the completely free, very highly regarded Roulette Royale - Casino. Play with bots or with friends, competing for bragging rights and leader board places!


There will always be a large audience of people who get their kicks from blowing stuff up, and Android caters very well for this clique. World Of Tanks Blitz is completely free, yet features all the tanks, graphics and physics that we've come to love in the PC version, plus 7 vs. 7 multiplayer! For those that enjoy contemporary combat, definitely download Modern Combat 5: Blackout, another title that's completely free. Awesome fire fights and console quality rendering, plus the choice to play either a single player campaign or a multiplayer match, makes this a true classic.


Passing time on the commute was never so much fun with titles such as Threes! Where, players move numbered tiles, adding them up in order to make larger multiples of three. Very addictive. Finally, The Room Two, a game from Fireproof Games that has players following a trail of cryptic letters provided by a scientist.

Do you know any other games that Android lovers simply must download? Let us know what they are in the comments section!

Smartphones – making our lives easier, every day

What is meant by a smartphone? 

A smartphone is a mobile phone that has multiple capabilities and possesses many of the same functions of a desktop computer. 

There are currently just under 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with smartphone subscriptions sitting at over 1 billion. The most popular are Android and iPhone smartphones, which contributed to 90% of smartphone sales in 2013. 

What are the key developments in smartphone improvements?

Some of the key developments in smartphones over the years include faster processors, increased camera resolution, increased variety, bigger storage space and larger screens. 

Have they become smarter since they were first released?

Certainly. Smartphones have rapidly developed and improved since their inception in 1996, and continue to make people’s lives easier with each new development. The smartphone market is heavily competitive, with each operating system designed to support quicker and better features than the smartphones before. 

Let’s take a look at the history and development of the BlackBerry smartphone. The first BlackBerry smartphone was developed in 2003, and it has been a transformative presence in the world of communication, drastically improving the way people communicate and the technology capabilities of smartphones. 

When the BlackBerry smartphone was introduced, the possibility of sending and receiving emails on a smartphone was realised. It also enabled web browsing, thereby opening up a whole new platform of possibilities and options for users. People were no longer limited to accessing the internet on their desktops, and could now connect to the internet wherever they were, at whatever time they chose. 

These are some of the improvements BlackBerry has made over the years:


  • The improvement of third party apps, which means that apps can run faster. For example, if you are a fan of mobile casinos, you can download Royal Vegas Casinos Online quicker and easier than ever before 
  • The short battery life of smartphones is a thorn in the side of many smartphone users. However, the battery life of the BlackBerry has seen over 60 battery saving improvements since 2003 so that users can enjoy longer usage. 
  • Increased camera resolution 
  • A perfect example of the improvement of smartphone features is the Blackberry Z10. It has a 4.2 inch screen, USB and HDMI connectivity, a dual core processor of 1.5 GHz and an 8 megapixel camera as well as 2GB of RAM


Entertainment on the Move

When the iPad was originally launched, tablet devices were launched into the limelight. It goes without saying that Apple were not the first, but they made this category of device sexy and created an experience that many did not know they wanted, until they had handled one of these new wonders. Since the first generation iPad was so successful, many other manufacturers frantically played catchup.

To a certain degree they have, with many manufacturers backing the Google Android platform. Whilst the hardware may not be as sexy, the ecosystem is definitely developing. The selection of apps on the Google Play Store is now more than acceptable, making the myriad of devices from the likes of Samsung, Asus and Acer (to name just a few) very viable options. My personal opinion is that they are not quite as tied in service-wise, whereas the Apple iPad is very good at synchronising with the likes of an Apple desktop or laptop.

This new category, for a long time, has been thought of as an ideal way of consuming media, but not necessarily creating. Things are pretty good, with regard to photo manipulation, simple spreadsheets, text documents and the like, but anything more than that is often a compromise. I do take notes on my iPad, but anything more than that and I grab my laptop, or sit down at a desktop computer.

Whilst these two platforms battle it out, Microsoft is sitting in the wings. It dipped its toe into the water with the Surface RT and Surface Pro, which were a hard sell due to lack of apps. However, with their most recent offerings, the Surface 2 and Pro 2, things have improved. Apps that were missing first time around are now appearing with around half of the mainstream titles not available at original launch, now in the Windows App Store.

Whichever platform you choose, all of these devices have something in common. They are all great entertainment devices. Awesome for playing back videos, music, playing games etc. The internet browsers add yet another dimension and allow you to play online games. You might even be able to increase your riches too, by trying your luck at Blackjack, Slots or Roulette on who, like many websites, have enriched their experience for mobile devices. So whether it's online shopping, emails, surfing the internet or staying in touch with friends & family, this new breed of tablet device is here to stay and I am certainly thankful that Apple made this category popular again.

Casinos Go Mobile

With the rising popularity of smartphones, more and more people are filling their spare moments by playing games, checking their social networks and having a quick gamble online; but of these three options we find the last is becoming more and more commonplace. It's estimated that out of the 780 million participants who play social games on Facebook alone, 98 million of these play casino games and even while the number of members on Facebook dropped in 2011 the utilisation of casino games increased by 60%.

However You Want,

There are quite a few benefits to playing online casinos on your mobile, but the variety of options for how to play is by far the biggest one. No matter your game, you will find something to your liking on a mobile site, native app or local app; most good gambling websites now have their own mobile sites which are optimised for iPhone, Android and iPads. Studies show that one in twenty iPhone owners are users of sport betting apps, mostly used on public transport or while watching TV.

Whatever You Want,

The many game and theme choices are completely open to players. While websites like offer casino games, slot games and video poker games on their optimised mobile site as well as blackjack, live baccarat and roulette, other websites will specialise in themed slots or specific card games. There is also a huge amount of bingo games on offer, from quick, small bets to longer games where chat options are popular.

With Whomever You Want!

Speaking of chat, the sociable aspect is one of the most appealing features of mobile gambling. With Facebook gaming, players are able to compete with or against their friends, and on many bingo sites live chats are commonplace, unlike a bingo hall in real life where chatting among players is strictly prohibited. First time or nervous players can also get a lot of additional help on gambling sites from live chat hosts.

A study released in 2010 revealed that expectations are that by 2015 the total sum wagered on mobile casinos games will be over $48 billion, and another forecast predicts that the 2014 mobile gaming revenues from around the world will reach $11.4 billion. The online casino industry is estimated to be worth over $30 billion, with mobile capitalising on bringing entertaining and challenging games to the pockets of those in desperate boredom on trains, bus stops and waiting rooms around the country.

Top 5 Techy Things to do Now the Winter Nights are Drawing in

We seem to have switched pretty swiftly from a long, hot summer to a cold, blowy autumn. And that means it’s not long until the clocks change and the nights get longer.

Even if you already have your autumn and winter TV viewing set up and have plenty of hobbies and pastimes to help the long winter nights fly by, it’s always good to get a few new ideas.

Check out our top five ways to use your smartphone, laptop or tablet to do something different, fun and, sometimes, even useful. Perfect ways to spend your long evenings in front of the fire. It almost makes us glad summer’s over!

Discover your artistic side
Even if you’ve never painted before, the chances are you will get hours of joy out of one of the many and varied art apps available for tablets. You can download something like Sketchbook Pro and then, just using your finger, learn to draw, paint in all sorts of different mediums, and unlock the artist inside. It’s a phenomenal use of technology and makes learning to draw and paint clean, easy and convenient.

Cook up a storm
Yep, cook. and yep, we do mean use your technology. You know there are so many websites, forums and apps out there for cooking, so why not spend some time really studying the ones that fit in with your taste in food and then spend some time in your kitchen. There’s a reason cooking shows have taken over the night time TV schedule - and that’s because cooking is creative, enjoyable, absorbing and skilfull. Find out whether it’s for you - and you get the amazing by-product of eating your experiments!

Visit a casino
Online casinos have become hugely popular over the last couple of years as technology and internet access has improved. You can now find some truly immersive and atmospheric sites offering casino games like roulette, poker, slots and bingo. And you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your sofa! Pour a glass of wine, sign up to and find out for yourself how much fun online casinos can be.

Get blogging
Many people enjoy writing and it’s a well known fact that everyone has one great novel inside them. But writing an actual book is not something most people have time for. Blogging is free, easy and a great way to stir up debates, get your opinion noticed or report on something that interests you specifically. Are you keen on movies? Blog about it? Like shopping? Write about it. In fact, there’s an audience for pretty much anything and everything and it’s as simple as signing up to a service like Blogger or Wordpress. We highly recommend it.

Watch what you want, when you want
Netflix or Lovefilm, or any other streaming app, is an amazing way to get access to the films and TV shows you enjoy, without worrying about timings or cost. For a very reasonable monthly fee you can have access to absolutely loads of US, UK and European shows - definitely worth it.

Microgaming could win you Millions

One of the latest games from the successful gambling company Microgaming comes in the form of Mermaid Millions, a soothing underwater adventure to find the Sea King and his beautiful Mermaid daughter. Five reels and fifteen pay lines, coin sizes ranging from $0.01 to $1 with 1-5 coins per pay reel, add up to a maximum bet of $75, meaning that this isn't a serious betting machine – more like entertainment with a gambling kick. However, payouts can get pretty big, with several ways to acquire multipliers and opportunities for bonus games.

As well as the standard ten, jack, queen, king and ace cards – which all have jewels, octopi and other sea memorabilia wrapped around them - the young mermaid is the scatter card, and king Neptune operates as a wild card which can be swapped out for any other card (except the mermaid, of course). Other cards are a magical pearl, treasure box, treasure chest and sea horse. Five Neptune symbols in one spin triggers a jackpot of a potential $37,5000, and from two to five mermaid cards gets you 4x, 50x and 400x your original bet.

The Treasure Bonus symbols sets another Bonus game in motion which plays as a “Pick Until Pop”, where the player keeps picking sunken containers with win values in each until they get the “pop”. The number of treasure chest symbols in your spin defines the number of selections you get, starting from three. As another bonus, three to five scatters in one spin gets you a reward of ten free spins with a 3x multiplayer – there's no limit to how many times you can get this reward.

The whole style of the game is really what sets it above over slot games. The slots game has cute graphics in calming blue underwater tones and adorable pictures around the screen. All of the sounds are fully customisable, allowing you to listen to the soothing sounds of the ocean, or turn them on and listen to just the rolling machine while you keep your own lucky soundtrack going.

There are a lot of slot games out at the moment, with Microgaming being at the forefront of the technology. Mermaid Millions is a great low stress game, with small bets but potentially pretty big winnings, and can be played on smart phones and tablets as well as computers so you're never far away from an underwater opportunity to win a few grand!

Social Gaming on iOS

Social gaming is big business nowadays, even I find myself drawn into playing these addictive iOS based games on a daily basis. Games such as Draw Something are really fun and interactive and I think the reason I love it so much is because I get to play with my friends. This is normally the case for most apps for the iPhone and iPad and I think that is why so many people I know love the social aspect of gaming. The fact that it's so simple and easy makes it much mor enjoyable, all you have to do is pick a word to draw that your friend has to guess in order to collect a certain amount of coins. You can spend your winnings on more colour palettes within the game, which gives a sense or reward and acts as an incentive to play it more and more. Playing this in my spare time is very enjoyable and other apps such as Words with Friends makes social gaming a lot more challenging and dare I say it, educational.

Another very addictive game that links in with sharing via Facebook is the Bejeweled series. Senior franchise director of the app Bejeweled says that a good social game needs to engage players over a period of time. He has also said in the past that "This is obtained either through compelling core gameplay that’s endlessly repeatable — a feat achieved by a small minority of games and possible only in certain genres — or by constantly adding content to the game, which requires a very disciplined release schedule, and requires the developer to be able to produce content as fast, or faster, than the most active players are consuming it." (Erica Swallow, Forbes

We can therefore conclude from this that a sucessful app would need variety and have ongoing content that would attract our attention. There is also a growing trend toward apps both on our iOS devices & the internet, that allow you to try various Casino Games online such as bingo, horse racing, Black Jack, roulette and so many more. These offer up a social aspect too, whilst at the same time allow us to possibly win a little extra cash too.

5 of the Best Online Games

With the online gambling market continuing to offer a variety of great deals (largely due to the substantial amount of competitor sites), there’s never been a better time to enjoy a few games yourself.  But how should you go about deciding which of the many games available are worthy of your attention?  Well, hopefully this list of the best five should help,

Poker.   It might be seen as a bit of a cliche in the betting world, but poker is a classic for good reason: it’s great fun!  Unlike some card games, poker’s learning curve is reasonably easy for a beginner to negotiate the web’s world of usernames means that you can play with complete anonymity, so you don’t have to worry about pressure.    There are a huge amount of different websites that offer poker from low levels to get you started up to the big stakes for whenyou’ve got used to playing.  888 Poker, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker are all good websites to start with.

Bingo.  In the last few years, online bingo has absolutely taken off, with new websites springing up almost every week to offer their own versions of this popular game.  Because competition is so high, it’s actually a good time to get involved, with sites outbidding each other to attract custom.  Different companies are offering some great deals such as more than doubling your first initial stake, so if you put £10 into your site account, they will double it to £20 (and on some occasions more than that).  There are usually a range of different games that can be played for both low and high stakes.

Blackjack.  An absolute Vegas classic, blackjack been a part of the gaming industry for years.  Gloriously simple to pick up and play, it’ll take you less than five minutes to learn how the game works (if you don’t already) and get going.  If you’ve got a good memory for remembering which cards have already been dealt, you might find yourself playing at quite an advanced level quite quickly.  Incredibly addictive, Blackjack makes for a really good introduction to casino gaming.

Roulette.  Another classic that’s synonymous with Vegas, roulette has its own sense of theatre, and offers a lot of potential for strategic play.   If you want to get started on roulette, it’s important to remember that the European version will actually give you better odds due to it having one less 0 square.  It also has one fewer green square, which also drops the house odds. Like blackjack, Roulette is quite simple to start off with but has its own learning curve for those looking to play for bigger stakes.

Casino games.  The other main group of games that are popular online are the virtual equivalent of the old fruit and slot machines, with almost all modern casino sites offering their own versions.  Some of the games originated in Egypt, such as the popular Cleopatra’s Pyramids, and others are simply based on the classic ‘3 lemons’ style fruities.   Whatever the design, thesegames never go out of fashion, and are beloved by those who love the ‘classic’ pub feel they get from playing them.

How Online Games Have Improved Over The Past Few Years

Online games, they have been around for a long time now and despite online games receiving a lot of negative comments, I personally lap them up. Talking on a personal note here, I like the enjoyment of playing an online game. There is nothing better than sitting in the comfort of your own home and playing a game against a friend who could be at the other side of the world.
When online games first surfaced they were sketchy and nobody really knew what they were. However, in the world today everybody knows what online games are. They certainly have improved over the years.
One major reason for the rapid growth in online gaming is HTML5 language. HTML5 is a markup language that is used for structuring and presenting content on the internet. It is a vital part of the World Wide Web as we know it today. The previous version was HTML4.0.1, that came out in 1999. It is open source and it is completely free. HTML5 is quickly turning into a great game development platform. Over the past few years we have seen the gaming quality really shine and this is all down to HTML5. The real winners here are the consumers, with developers really pushing the boundaries and bringing us the likes of Casino Games, that not only entertain, but could also bring us some good fortune too.
In the future, I would like to see HTML5 becomming more and more common. The only way in which this is possible is if developers start using it to push the boundaries of the code to create even more fantastic online games. I would really like to see this type of game becoming more immersive. I want to be in the game, not be in a room playing a game.
What do you think about this topic? Are you a gamer? What's your preferred gaming platform? We would love to hear your thoughts, please leave them below.

Great Offers on MoneyGaming

MoneyGaming was launched by Game Account International in 2011 and has since become host to a suite of over 300 games. Along with casino classics such as Black Jack and Roulette players can also enjoy a huge selection of bingo, slot and instant win games. All games on the MoneyGaming website run on Adobe Flash so customers can begin playing them instantly without the need to download or install any software.

The graphics and animations provided by the WagerWorks and Aristocrat software platforms are bright and impressive. Their exceptional quality of gaming earned MoneyGaming's parent company the EGR Magazine award for the Top Game Developer Company in 2011. In addition to this the website is attractive and the layout is easy to navigate, meaning players will quickly find whatever they are looking for.

Popular slot machines such as Rainbow Riches, Kitty Glitter and Cleopatra slots are all available along with some new famous names including GhostBusters, which boasts four frequent mystery features and two bonus games. MoneyGaming’s slots collection is extensive and growing fast, with the company regularly adding new slots games. Both free to play and real money games are featured on the website with mega jackpots regularly exceeding £2 million.

Along with the games MoneyGaming also offers their customers some great promotional offers. Currently new players who sign up to the website with the simple registration process will benefit from a £300 Welcome Package. First deposits will be matched up to £150 with a 50% match on second deposits up to £75. Another £75 sprint bonus can also be redeemed after playing real cash games. In addition to this MoneyGaming has also introduced a loyalty bonus scheme for cash game players. This extra boost to your player account balance can really help to stretch those winnings.

Technology for gaming, from fridge-sized machines to handy apps

Gaming has always been greatly influenced by developments in technology. At first casinos, the forerunners in gaming tech, were developed as land based buildings where patrons could play their favourite games on big, clunky machines. Playing a game required both travel and time, and often a bag full of coins. The next step were gaming devices in more reasonable sizes that you could buy to use at home, computers and consoles. Later the devices became a bit more portable, but still not too impressive. Then, finally, the internet gave us online gaming sites and casinos – first accessible from the comfort of our own homes at the click of a mouse.
A bit later we could play games wherever we were, thanks to the development of truly mobile devices - who can forget the first phones with Snake? – and later mobile internet revolutionized everything. Whether you have an iPhone, a BlackBerry, or an Android smartphone, there are hundreds of different casino or other gaming apps out there ready for you to download and use to play all of your favourite games; from roulette to craps, slots to blackjack, and even poker, all the best casino games are now accessible from the palm of your hand.
With so many to choose from how do you know which app is the best? It depends on what you’re looking for. Some apps are dedicated to a particular game, such as slots or roulette. If you only want to play one particular type of game a dedicated app like this will probably provide the best experience. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for an all-round casino experience with lots of games to choose from then you need an app with broader scope; one such app is the new Mobile Casino from Gaming Club - a reputable online casino and games provider. Their app is available to download from their mobile website, and you can of course also play in your phone browser. With a reliable provider behind it this is a safe bet for a casino app that will allow you to have fun and win big whilst keeping all your financial information secure.

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Quicksilver Goes Mobile

Quicksilver are drawing in customers old and new with their Mobile Casino application. The popular gaming website have teamed up with leading gaming developers, Play N’ Go to bring their online players a huge new selection of original and high quality slot machine games straight to their mobile and tablet devices. 

With mobile technology having developed at such a perpetual rate over the last decade, and people relying more and more on smartphones for gaming and entertainment, Quicksilver’s application launch could not have come at a better time. The wide selection of games available from the mobile website is set to not only please current customers, but to also draw in new crowds of players. 

“Many of our players have been asking when they’ll be able to play Quicksilver slots on a mobile or tablet device. I’m pleased to announce that... they’ll be able to play a range of exciting games where ever and with whatever device they have,” said Technology Director of, Nick Pearson. 

Not only is the Mobile Casino set to bring a new format for Quicksilver players to indulge in a huge selection of slot machine games, but Mr. Pearson even believes that it could revolutionise the future of online gaming altogether. “We firmly believe that mobile has finally reached maturity, offering players the same playing experience as they do through our online slot games,” he said. “With Smartphone / Tablet penetration now hitting over 50% of the UK population we believe the mobile casino platform will continue to grow and in the coming years more players will play slots through a mobile device than through a PC.”

To access the Quicksilver Mobile Casino, all you need to do is click to on your mobile or tablet device and then sign in with your player account. From there you will gain access to slot machine and casino games, all playable from your phone or Ipad. It really is that simple. [ADVERTORIAL]