Google Zeitgeist reveals the UK's biggest search terms of 2012

As Brits look back on a year that included a Royal Wedding, the London Olympics and other things, what were they hammering into Google this year? A British Isles-centric Zeitgeist has revealed all the biggest search terms for the UK, one that's topped by Euro 2012, shortly followed by Olympic tickets. The royal bride was knocked to fourth place by Whitney Houston, while Gangnam Style searches rounded out the top 10. Bond's latest release grabbed the top place for trending movies, and PSY's shark-jumping global hit was (unsurprisingly) the top trending song. We've crammed all the curated top tens into the press release after the break -- and we're sure Google's checking its numbers on the US version as we speak.

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The year on Twitter: from the ocean floor to Mars, tragedy to triumph

At the end of every year, Twitter loves to compile highlights from the previous 12 months. Its army of engineers and analysts look at the trends, the most popular retweets and new tweeters with an impact. Then all that info is packaged up in an easy to navigate standalone site that presents the world through a hashtag-tinted lens. 2012 had plenty of interesting moments, punctuated by status updates from the bottom of the sea and the surface of the red planet. We were given an unprecedented birds-eye view of a tragic storm and an intimate glimpse at a president celebrating the successful conclusion of a hard-fought election with his wife.

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Apple iPhone 5 & New 2012 iPod Nano & iPod touch ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Whilst Dave is away on business, the Apple world never sleeps. The founder of Geekanoids still finds time to keep you up to date with the lates products launched by Apple Inc. Check out the videos below and leave a comment on YouTube with your views on the new products.

Apple Releases Firmware to Activate PowerNap on 2011 MacBook Airs

One of the new features found in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is PowerNap. PowerNap was introduced at WWDC 2012 and allows your Mac to continue to perform tasks such as receiving email and updating software even when it's sleeping. 

Apple lists the full capabilities in this Knowledge Base document. Capabilities include getting new Mail, syncing Calendar, Contact and Reminder changes, and more. When plugged into power, your Mac can download software updates and make backups with Time Capsule. 

Apple only supports PowerNap on 2011 MacBook Airs and beyond as well as the 2012 Retina MacBook Pro. The capability should move over to more of Apple's laptops as Apple makes a full transition to SSD. Built-in flash storage is listed as one of the requirements of the technology. Apple just released a firmware update that enables this functionality in the 2011 MacBook Airs, while support for the Retina MacBook Pro is said to be "coming soon".

[Source: MacRumors]

2012 iPhone's maybe-finished front appears with center camera, may straighten our FaceTime chats

 A claimed test sample of the 2012 iPhone's complete body has already made the rounds, but it was using a rough front panel that wasn't supposed to be wholly representative of the finished work. Frequent part leaker has uncovered a sample which might be closer to the real deal: the white example shows the space for the taller screen that we've come to know, just with a conspicuously shifted FaceTime camera that now sits above the speaker. It's a small change, but it suggests Apple is going for much more of a family resemblance this time around -- a previously claimed 2012 iPod touch panel was merging the fourth-generation iPod's already centered camera with the taller display. While there's still room for this to be a creative fake or an interim design, the consistency hints that Cupertino is keen to shake things up a bit for the iPhone's fifth birthday.

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Fears of longer commutes increase in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics

Fears of longer commutes increase in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics Londoners prepare for remote working

Concerns around the need to work remotely are higher than ever now that London is moving closer to the Olympics. People are planning to work from home or elsewhere owing to fears transport will come to a grinding halt.
Remote access experts LogMeIn commissioned a consumer snap poll* to discover how Londoners expect the Olympics to affect them. Surprisingly, however nearly two thirds of Londoners (64.8%) are not familiar with the start and end dates of the London 2012 Olympics. 
The survey goes on to reveal that over half (58.7%) are planning to change their commute during the games as 33%, of those asked, believe that their daily commute would be extended by up to 30 minutes whilst more than a quarter (29.5%) anticipate a 45 minute journey increase.
However, it is not only employees who are taking precautions ahead of time but businesses, too. The survey showed that a mere 7.6% of workers will not have the option to carry out their jobs remotely. Fears are high that London transport will not be able to cope and consequently a whopping 85.7% of those involved said they would prefer to work from home during this time.

LogMeIn has several - completely free - services that offer support for remote working, such as: - a free, simple-to-use screen sharing and online meeting service.  A free version delivers on-the-fly collaboration in a matter of seconds – no registration or additional plug-ins required – supporting up to 250 participants. More features are available for an annual subscription.         

LogMeIn Free – also available for free, as the name implies - gives users remote access to an unlimited number of work PCs and Macs from their home computers and even their iOS devices, like the iPad and iPhone. Users can run and access everything – applications, files, email, etc. -- on their work desktop or laptop from home or anywhere with a WiFi or 3G connection.  

Cubby – simple free cloud data service allowing users to securely share information across PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones,  Android devices, or with other people.  Cubby lets people turn any number of PC or Mac folders into ‘cubbies’ that can be accessed from other devices, stored in the cloud, and shared with colleagues and friends

*Research commissioned by LogMeIn was conducted in June 2012.