Apple issues iPhone and Apple TV updates

It's update time again as Apple has today released another minor update to iOS 7 that provides a fix to the SSL connection verification issues that people have been experiencing. The 7.0.6 update comes less than a month after Apple released the 7.0.5 update for iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C users that fixed network issues affecting people in china. To update your devices open the settings app and navigate to the 'software update' option. If you prefer to update your device via iTunes you can connect your device to your Mac or PC and update there too. 

Apple have also been releasing beta versions of iOS 7.1 to developers over the last few months and is currently at 7.1.4 as of last week. Unlike today's minor update iOS 7.1 is a more feature rich release with major improvements to Mobile Device Management mass deployment system and possibly a new 'volume services' web client. It is expected that iOS 7.1 will be out of beta and available to the public towards the end of March. 

Alongside the iOS 7.1.6 update Apple also released an update for older devices by way of a 6.1.6 release which is available for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch fourth generation which are unable to run iOS 7. 


Alongside today's updates for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple also released an update for Apple TV. The 6.0.2 update has been classed a stability and performance updates and can be downloaded via the devices settings menu. 

New Report Summarizes Display Rumors for Future Apple Devices

Apple is shaking up the display market with a multitude of upcoming product debuts and enhancements, according to Korean site ET News. The site summarizes several known product rumors that will impact display manufacturers, including larger iPhone and iPads, an OLED iWatch, and IGZO displays for its MacBook lineup...

Read the full story here... Source: Mac Rumours

Apple takes a cue from users, invents packaging that doubles as iPhone/iPad dock

A number of Apple patents and applications have been published today, one of which details an interesting new design for the packaging of iOS devices that would also double as a stand or dock of sorts. The patent application was originally filed in May 2011, but it was published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and detailed by PatentlyApple. The image above is pretty self-explanatory, showing iPod nano-like packaging with a removable lid and base that transform into a dock or stand for the device. It appears the dock would act as a permanent solution, with the image above showing room to accommodate a charging cable as well as small parts to hold the device snugly in place.

This is actually something we’ve seen before. Although many iPhone and iPad users have no problem dropping a decent amount of money on a dock, there are no shortage of users who have come up with innovative ways to turn the current iPhone and iPad packaging into a dock and or stand for free. Below is a video, courtesy of GottaBeMobile, showing an iPad mini box being transformed into a free docking station with very little effort.

[Source: 9to5Mac]

The iPod touch doesn't have a light sensor because it's 'too thin'

Kevin Tofel over at GigaOm stepped into the sunlight this past week (a dangerous endeavor for any blogger, let me tell you), and found out something strange about his new iPod touch: It doesn't have an autobrightness function. That's because it doesn't have a light sensor at all, apparently: There's only a manual setting for the brightness, and when Tofel went to Apple's product page for the new iPod touch, he confirmed that there's no light sensor listed in the various features of the device. While older iPod touch models do have the light sensor function, this current model apparently does not.

Why not? An iDownloadBlog reader named Raghid Harake emailed Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller to ask him that very question, and he got the answer that the device is just too thin. Schiller confirmed again that the device doesn't have a built-in light sensor, and reported that the design makes the whole thing too thin to fit one in. Indeed, Apple lost more than a millimeter in the latest iPod touch design, and part of that space means losing the light sensor.

Was the trade-off worth it? For Apple, apparently so. While some users might be surprised when their iPod touch doesn't automatically brighten up or down when moving into different ambient light situations, Apple decided that feature wasn't as important as slimming the device down. Do you agree?

[Source: TUAW]

iPod nano hits iFixit's dissection slab, rated so-so on the repairability scale

Tearing down a device the size of an iPod nano is definitely not for the faint of heart (or shaky of hand), but none of that deters iFixit, who just tackled Apple's latest pint-sized player. We called it the best nano so far, but if the tiny iPod with newfound Nike+ functionality calls it quits, can you do something about it yourself, or will it need to be binned or go back to the repair depot? iFixit is torn on the device, saying that it's easy to take apart and replace the LCD or digitizer glass, but that the battery is glued solidly to the chassis, and other important parts like the Lightning connector are soldered together. That makes the replacement of those components nigh-on impossible, resulting in a repairability score of 5/10 for the device -- not that we'd be brave enough to crack it open ourselves.

[Source: Engadget]

Apple Posts New iPod Television Ad: 'Bounce'

With the new iPods shipping, Apple has posted their television ad for the new iPod touch, nano and shuffle. The ad premiered during the media event introducing the new iPods. The iPod touch now carries the taller 4" screen and comes in several different colors. The new iPod nano is radically redesigned with a 2.5" multi-touch screen and front home button. Finally the iPod Shuffle was upgraded with new color choices.


[Source: MacRumors]

Apple Preparing to Begin Shipping Fifth-Generation iPod Touch to Customers

At last month's media event, Apple introduced the fifth-generation iPod touch, a revamped version of the device offering the same 4-inch display found in the iPhone 5 and a number of different color options. While Apple immediately began taking pre-orders for the device, availability was set for a rather vague "October" timeframe. 

As of earlier today, some of those early pre-order customers have begun reporting that their order statuses have shifted to "Preparing for Shipment", the final stage before being passed off to delivery companies. At least one customer has reported that his credit card has also been charged

The move toward availability comes just after users noted yesterday that shipping estimates for new orders of the fifth-generation iPod touch through the Apple Online Store in Australia had shifted from the vague "October" to "3 weeks". Those following through and placing orders were finding an expected delivery date of October 29. A similar shift was seen in the New Zealand online store, with deliveries there scheduled for November 2. 

These new orders are, however, likely to be delivered somewhat after the first batch of pre-orders placed as much three weeks or more ago, and shipping estimates for new orders in the Australia and New Zealand stores have since reverted to the previous "October" timeframe. 

Macotakara reports that the official launch day for the new iPod touch and iPod nano in Japan is October 9, although early supplies are likely to be tight.

[Source: MacRumors]

Apple iPhone 5 & New 2012 iPod Nano & iPod touch ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW

Whilst Dave is away on business, the Apple world never sleeps. The founder of Geekanoids still finds time to keep you up to date with the lates products launched by Apple Inc. Check out the videos below and leave a comment on YouTube with your views on the new products.

Apple search results turn up iPhone 5 name and LTE connectivity, indications of new iPod touch, iPod nano and iTunes 11

Apple offered a hint of the name in its invitation to today's event, but it looks like a slip-up on its own website may have now let the cat of the bag. Searching for "iphone-5" brings up a number of results for (as yet nonexistent) pages related to a device that seems to clearly be called the "iPhone 5." What's more, as 9 to 5 Mac notes, there are also references to a "new iPod touch with Retina Display" and a new iPod nano, as well as a similar indication that iTunes 11 is set to be released today.

[Source: Engadget]

Apple Media Event … Things Just Got Bigger

Rumours are rife on the internet, with many predicting that Apple will be holding a media event on 12th September 2012. There have been talks of an iPad Mini, new iMacs and of course a new iPhone.

Well, it is now a forgone conclusion that we will see a new iPhone come the 12th, but will this encompass all of the changes fanboys expect & want? Some websites are reporting we will see a larger 16:9 format screen, whilst others are touting a 3D capable camera. With the inclusion of NFC in many of the latest Google Android phones, it really should be there in the iPhone 5 or "new iPhone", but recent images tell a different story there too.

So what does Apple have to do to keep the money rolling in. Well, the new iPhone 5 will bring with it a brand new design. The glass back will be gone, with new sweeping lines and a slightly thinner profile. Incoming will be the larger screen with a higher resolution, and yes, this will be in 16:9 format. That makes total sense because this is a media consumption device. Speed demons will also be happy with the quad core processor and although Apple rarely talk speeds, this should clock at least around the 1.2GHz mark. Gaming performance will also be excellent, as this is one area Apple really work hard at. On the camera front a new 8 megapixel sensor will bring with it great clarity and another improvement in low light & depth of field (you know, for creating those arty blurred backgrounds). The only downer for all those waiting, is the actual lack of NFC, which won't be seen until next time around.

What we do know, is that there will be no iPad Mini. Apple will save that in the wings for another early October event. It is here we will see the iPad Mini alongside the new iPod touch & Nano, along with the retirement of the Shuffle. Stay tuned (and subscribed to The Geekanoids Channel for more news… exciting times are ahead.

Next-Gen iPhone Dock Offers Robotic Motion

In April 2012, an ambitious Kickstarter project made headlines for exceeding its $100,000 funding goal by more than half a million dollars. The project was Galileo, an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for the iPhone and iPod Touch.The brainchild of Motrr team Josh Guyot and JoeBen Bevirt, the guys behind Joby and Guyot Designs, the dock certainly captured the imagination of the Kickstarter community, with more than 5,000 backers getting involved.The Galileo isn’t just a high-end iOS dock though, it’s due to be an entire platform. With apps already in the works and a software development kit due soon, we file the project under “one to watch,” with exciting potential for video conferencing, photography, videography and social networking. To find out more we spoke to one of the founders.

[Source: Mashable]