Is Apple Purchasing Beats by Dre a Good Move?

Its been in the news that Apple has recently bought Beats audio. Before we get to what we think, lets go back to the very start of digital music, and what many say started it all; Apple …

Specifically the iPod was the very first true way of having your music go where ever you did. It changed the way people listened to music, and literally changed the music industry. Some would argue that the Ipod was one of the most important inventions Apple ever made. Boy did it sell, at the start nearly 400 million sold, not to mention  the millions if not billions that have been sold ever since. Then the iPod touch came out, the true start of capacitive touchscreens and what gave way to perhaps the most well known and most talked about phone ever; the iPhone

Beats isn't a company to mess with either. A privately owned company that never releases results or revenue earnings and who is known for the color red does very well for themselves. The high priced and amazing quality and portable speakers are where their main revenue comes from. Beats Music does okay, just okay with an estimated paid subscription group of just 200 000 people, but the streaming service does have some great options in terms of songs. Lets face it, Beats is one of the best known audio brands in North America and Europe where Apple dominates in not only profit but also market shares

So why now? Well with Apple getting set to launch their new iPhones very soon I'm sure they wouldn't mind having Beats Music to add to their iTunes collection, Beats has some very big contacts and experts in the music industry as well. Apple might also want some help in the headphones department, when Beats was working with HTC the made some awesome earphones that shipped with the HTC One. Now does that mean the Apple will stop including their well known while earpods? Probably not, but Beats could of course help improve them. But the biggest reason they probably would have bought Beats is to improve sound. When Beats was working with HTC they produced such amazing sound that we just couldn't get enough of it. I still personally use an HTC One as my daily driver and one of the biggest reasons is because it still has Beats. Apple already has amazing sound and having Beats on board will only help that cause.

Now nothings been officially announced but what do you think? Do you think that this will help Apple, as always leave a comment down below and follow us on social media, subscribe on Youtube and keep checking the website. Thanks for reading!

Author: Ben Smith - Twitter

HP's Envy 27-inch IPS monitor with Beats Audio features high-quality sound, extremely long name

LAS VEGAS--A monitor's picture quality is its most important attribute, and sound quality (if it actually does sport speakers) rarely factors into the overall rating. That however may change once I get my hands on the HP Envy 27-inch IPS monitor with Beats Audio.

With the Envy 27-inch IPS monitor with Beats Audio, HP not only breaks the record for longest monitor name ever (to be honest, I didn't confirm that), but according to HP, it also marks the first time a standalone monitor has used Beats Audio.

The monitor's built-in speakers are angled upward and according to HP, deliver high-quality midrange and high frequencies as well as rich bass. Monitors with built-in sound don't usually deliver the highest quality sound, so I'm curious as to how this monitor's sound will be any different.

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