Griffin PowerDock 5 is One Charger to Rule Them All

Griffin has introduced a new charging dock which may take some of the pain out of juicing up all of your gadgets at once.

Introduced at CES, Griffin has unveiled the PowerDock 5. This new charging solution will keep all of your gadgets organized, and your desk clutter free, while charging them. The new charging solution is capable of handling an iPad even in a thick case, so no need to unsheathe your tablet while charging it. While all of the images include images of iDevices, since it based off of USB you can obviously plug in any device you would choose to do so.

The PowerDock 5 will be released this spring with a suggested retail price of $99.99.

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Apple files patent for true wireless charging technology

When it comes to wireless charging, today's options aren't exactly as cord-free as the label would suggest. Things like charging mats or other wireless docking options are fine and all, but adding more accessories and bulky cases to the mix is often more trouble than it's worth. As Wired reports, a patent filed this week by Apple side steps these pesky add-ons and could offer true wireless charging for the first time on Apple hardware.

The patent -- titled Wireless Power Utilization In A Local Computing Environment -- uses near-field magnetic resonance to push power to compatible devices from a central unit, creating what is effectively an invisible bubble where your gadgets can recharge without the need for cords or plugs of any kind. So imagine your wireless keyboard and mouse simply never running out of juice, or even being able to set your phone or tablet down on your desk and have them recharge on their own.

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PowerBrick. Your best friend for a powerful lifestyle! [advertorial]

At home, at work and on vacation, say goodbye to the mess, to the ugly multi-plug adapter full of chargers, plugs and wires, and to the tangles of cables. The innovative universal multi-charger PowerBrick by Feligan recharges everything at once, with style and tidiness!
Creativity and innovation are the main features of PowerBrick, the universal charging station able to power and supply up to 11 devices simultaneously: mobile-phones and smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, consoles for gaming, digital cameras and  camcorders, nav-sats, mp3-players and many more. It has been invented, built and patented by Feligan Ltd., an Italian hi-tech startup. PowerBrick is  the first really  universal multi-charger able to power and supply more than 10,000 electronic devices.


Main Features of PowerBrick
PowerBrick has three main features that make it unique, useful and innovative.
6 customizable connectors  able to recharge  every electronic device, even the most modern smartphones and tablets! Each connector is retractable, so you can use your device while charging. When not in use, the cables are retractable to save space and keep everything tidy and clean. 
2 high-power USB ports (10 W each port)   useful to recharge everything, even a  tablet. 
2 universal sockets (1500 W) that allow you to supply even the most demanding electric devices, like laptops, cordless phones, lamps, or even hairdryers. The universal sockets can supply  every kind of plug: American,English, Schuko, Australian, Swiss, Europlug, and many more.


Customizable Connectors
Feligan has more than 15 different connectors available at the moment!
Here you can find some example:
- micro USB
- mini USB
- Apple (iPad, iPod e iPhone)
- Nokia (2 different connectors)
- Samsung (4 different connectors)
- Motorola
- Sony-Ericsson (2 different connectors)
- LG
- Nintendo DSL
- Playstation Portable (DC-Jack)
- MultiTip
Every smartphone and mobile phone actually on the market is compatible with PowerBrick! Even many other devices, like tablets, mp3-players and many more!


Two high power USB ports
PowerBrick is equipped with 10W USB ports.
The 2 high power USB ports are perfect to recharge modern tablets, like Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, BlackBerry PlayBook, Acer Iconia and many more.

The high power USB ports of the PowerBrick universal charger are also compatible with mp3 player, cameras, camcorders and many other device with USB charging cable.


Two Universal sockets
1500W whenever and wherever you need it, for each electric and electronic device.
PowerBrick universal charger is equipped with two high power universal sockets.
The universal sockets allows plugs from all over the world to be inserted: USA, UK, Swiss, Europlug, Schuko, Italian, and many more! PowerBrick is really useful, at home or in the office!


Available in glossy-white or glossy-black colors, PowerBrick is just £59.99 and free shipping on Expansys Online Store.


If you prefer to customize your PowerBrick, you can get it on the Official Feligan Store.
Discover the product website here.