CES 2013: iSmartAlarm promises a sub-$100, iOS-based security system

Our sister site, Engadget, got a chance to try out the iSmartAlarm, which is a Wi-Fi camera set with LED lights that send an alert to your iPhone if it detects movement in your home. There's a number of options, including being able to see the movement, call 911 or just ignore it. You can also get a remote tag (the site boasts it will track children and pets), motion sensor and contact sensors for use in a window or door.

We've tested a number of home security systems that work with iOS, most recently the SwannSmart ADS-450 WiFi Network Camera. With a sub-$100 entry price -- the camera is $79, Engadget reports -- this system might be attractive to those looking for an iOS-based security system. iSmartAlarm is seeking funding through IndieGogo, however the page is not active yet.

[Source: TUAW]