With the next gen consoles due any day now, excited gamers are readying themselves for an awesome lead up to the Christmas season. The choice between the Xbox One and the Sony PS4 is a tough one, but the game choice for fans of first person shooters is a lot easier … with COD Ghosts being top of many a list.

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PS4 and Xbox One get you free stuff in Podcast 352

 Extra, extra! It's all about the added extras, the seductive swag and the freshest free stuff as we find out what bonuses you can get with the PS4, the Xbox One and the rest of your technology.

Announcing the PS4 release date this week, Sony revealed special broadband deals for gamers from Virgin Media and other Internet service providers -- while the Xbox One will come with a free copy of FIFA 14...

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Best of E3 – Gamergraphic


Did you enjoy the coverage of the E3? Sad that it is now over? Well not to fear as the creative chaps at created a brilliant Gamergraphic which highlights all the brilliant things seen at the E3. So expect it to be full of stats, tips and trivia on all of the next generation games and consoles. 

So what is a Gamergraphic? The Gamergraphic is a mini game littered with loads of interesting facts. You start the game with the choice of either next-gen console, PS4 or Xbox One. Once you have made your choice, you jump from platform to platform collecting game cartridges each revealing fun facts. If you can collect all of the E3 cartridges NetVoucherCodes will reward you with a single-use 10% Zavvi discount code - but make sure you hurry as there are only 1000 available! Click through to play  game.



All PlayStation 4 Games to be Available Digitally

Gaming on the PlayStation 4 will not necessarily require going out to a brick and mortar shop to grab a copy of a new game. In fact, unless you live in a part of the world with less than stellar internet, news has come that suggests Sony will make it possible for you to buy each and every one of your PlayStation 4 games without any physical transaction at all.

The word comes from Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida in an interview with The Guardian. Here’s the bit about game releases as digital downloads:

We’re shifting our platform more and more to the digital side – PS4 will be similar to PS Vita in that every game will be available as a digital download, and some will also be available as a disc.

The “some” that Yoshida mentions will, of course, be standard retail titles. Stuff like UnchartedKillzone and LittleBigPlanet will ship with physical discs. The digital download exclusives will be the titles that you’d expect to see only on the system’s online store. The Witness, for instance, will be a PSN game.

What do you think about this push towards digital? Personally, as long as physical games still exist, I don’t mind it at all.

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PlayStation 4's UI and inner workings detailed: No more booting, games download as you play them

We've heard some hardware numbers, but now we're hearing more how thePlayStation 4 will actually work in practice. Alongside connections to other Sony hardware, the highlight that caught our attention was that you'll be able to leap back into your game by pressing the power button. From off. Better still, there's also a secondary custom chip for uploads and download and with that, the PS4 will let you play your new titles as you download them. The rest of the game will continue to be piped into that ample hard drive. You can also share (with that new button) 10 seconds of video, trimming and uploading your own gaming highlights to your buddies -- heck, you can even stream it, with allies 'tagging' in and taking over the controller.

In fact Sony will make social networks far more integrated, with "real people", photos and companion mobile apps to augment this. In fact you'll be able to browse video remotely from the likes of your smartphone, tablet or Vita. The system itself will also learn your preferences and download content it reckons you'll like. Personalization is shaping up to be a big focus for Sony.

[Source: Engadget]

Sony's new DualShock 4 controller official: all-new design, touchpad, share button and more

We had a hint or two about its imminent arrival, but Sony's now made its next-generation DualShock 4 controller official at tonight's PlayStation 4 event in NYC. The company's Lead System Architect Mark Cerny took to the stage to reveal the all-new companion, which has been redesigned and now features a more rounded form factor as well as what appears to be a slightly rubberized grip with "enhanced rumble capabilities." There's also a touchpad now (clearly taking a cue from the Vita), a headphone jack, the long-rumored share button, a light bar that, according to Cerny, will be utilized as a "more friendly way to identify players" and a stereo camera which is used to track the 3D position of the Move-compatible controller.

Not surprisingly, Sony's touting the addition of the "Share" button as one of the biggest features of the DualShock 4, allowing players to easily send tidbits like video clips and screenshots to places such as Ustream, Facebook and, naturally, the firm's own PlayStation Network. That's all we know thus far, but we''re sure to hear more about the DualShock 4 in the coming future -- for now, head on past the break and enjoy the gallery from Sony's presentation.

[Source: Engadget]

Sony unveils its next game console, the PlayStation 4

Sony tonight announced its much-rumored next video game console, the PlayStation 4. Sony Computer Entertainment prez and CEO Andrew House announced the console with little more than a logo and a handful of concepts, though he did say it's coming in holiday 2013. We're sure to hear more as the night goes on, and we'll be updating this post as we learn more.

Lead system architect Mark Cerny -- legendary game dev and, to us, creator ofMarble Madness -- came up next. He said that development of the PS4 started five years ago. Cerny said he's been exploring how to evolve "the PlayStation ecosystem," and he started by speaking to the limitations of PlayStation 3. Cerny said he's been aiming to make sure "nothing gets between the platform and the game." An image of an old-timey hunter shooting space invaders in the sky is used as an example -- here's hoping the PS4 doesn't mean we'll be taking plastic guns and shooting pixels in the sky.

"We were able to create in PlayStation 4 a system by game creators, for game creators," Cerny said. As far as specs, he said it runs on x86 architecture, a "highly enhanced" PC GPU (with "almost 2 teraflops of performance," he added), an unknown amount of local HDD storage, and 8GB of GDDR5 system memory. Cerny next unveiled the DualShock 4, which looks an awful lot like the leaks we saw recently -- it features a touchpad, a light bar, and what looks like rubberized grips. Otherwise, it looks an awful lot like a DualShock 3 with some new bells and whistles.

Cerny's talking software now -- the PS4 can pause and resume mid-game, allowing players to multitask at any point. There's also a second chip dedicated to managing uploads and downloads, meaning you can download games in the background or when the system's off. More importantly, however, you can start downloading a game and begin playing it as the download goes -- pretty great! As far as sharing goes, PS4 is heavy on social interactivity; Cerny said its social network will extend beyond the console to mobile and Vita. He's ambiguous about which platforms that'll mean, but it sounds like Sony's aiming to make it platform agnostic. There's also a Pinterest-esque social app for friends to share screens and video, which Cerny said applies to the PS4's "personalization" angle. "You'll see real pictures of your real friends," he said.

[Source: Engadget - Click here to read the full sory]

PlayStation 4 to Cost $400+, Coming End of 2013 According to Japanese Paper

One Japanese newspaper has a source close to Sony that says the company has targeted a launch date and a launch price for their upcoming PlayStation 4, or whatever they choose to name it.

The Asahi Shimbun reports that Sony will release the PlayStation 4 in at least Japan for 40,000 yen. 40,000 yen is roughly $425 USD, according to today’s exchange rates.

They also indicate that Sony plans to start selling the PlayStation 4 before 2013′s end. Whether or not that launch is exclusive to Japan was not indicated and still remains to be seen.

Sony has announced that they’ll have a special conference on February 20th in order to unveil the future of the PlayStation brand. We assume that the PS4 will be revealed there.

Sony has not commented on this price and timing rumor.

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Sony: PS4's main selling point will be 'new playing options, not improved hardware specs'

As Sony Computer Entertainment warms up its blue lighting and double-checks its playlist for February 20th, one unnamed SCE official says that the PlayStation 4 will act as more of a home entertainment hub than what we've seen in the past. They added, according to the Nikkei, that the main selling point won't be therumored eight-core AMD64 CPU or other hardware specs, but how it opens up new styles of play -- something Nintendo is also focusing on. Sony is going to push the new console as a home entertainment "nerve center," with a focus on the hardware's ability to connect and share to mobile devices -- the rival that's pulling gamers away from traditional consoles. No discussion on any Gaikai-poweredcloud gaming just yet, but following its unveiling later this month, the report states that the new PlayStation should launch before the end of the year. A bit of a shame, then, that it's still only February.

[Source: Engadget]