3D Technology In Casinos

There’s a theory that the entertainment industry tries to foist 3D technology on the public once every generation. It happened in the 1950’s, then again in the 1970’s, and it’s been happening again in the last few years. Not everyone’s a fan, and some complain of headaches and fatigue while watching modern 3D material, but recent movies like Gravity have shown how far it’s possible to push the format this time around.

3D Slots

Now casinos are getting in on the action. Slot manufacturer IGT developed a 3D machine recently that doesn’t require glasses. This is a sensible marketing move, as one of the issues with 3D technology generally is that if you’re not wearing the glasses, the material is unwatchable.

Therefore if someone’s unwilling to wear them to play a slot machine, they’re simply going to walk away. In the case of IGT’s machines, the effect is produced by a double layer of screens, so anyone playing will be experiencing a sort of forced 3D effect. Whether they enjoy it and stay, or dislike it and leave, is at least no longer dependent on whether they want to wear the glasses.

Online 3D

In fact IGT’s machines have proved a hit with punters, and it seems that while the gimmick of 3D draws them in initially, it’s the quality of the gaming experience that keeps them playing. With this in mind, the obvious next step is to take the 3D casino experience online.

In theory it should be easier than introducing 3D to real world gaming, as it would be quite straightforward for operators to offer both 3D and traditional sites side-by-side online. On a site where, for example, live casino roulette is available, incorporating a 3D element to gameplay could be a very attractive upgrade if carried out thoughtfully.

Poker V Roulette

Some games are likely to benefit more than others. Many poker players would find too much gimmicky 3D usage distracting, but the possibility of running two simultaneous sites should take care of that objection. In fact some operators advertise 3D online poker already, but the fact that not all do tells you something about how the technology’s been exploited so far.

If online casinos are to realise fully the potential of 3D technology, they’ll have to recognise that not all punters will embrace it, and also that not all casino games may be suitable. It’s the flexibility of the digital universe, however, that will allow the savvy operators to deliver some amazing experiences to customers in the next few years.

By Simon Fitzpatrick

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Tips to Reduce Email Spam

Spam has now become synonymous with e-mail, as it once was with the tinned foodstuff. If you have an email account, chances are that you’ve got a spam problem. These days, spam filters in email inboxes are far more sophisticated than they used to be. For instance, if you already had an email address back in say, 2001, you’ll have noticed the change in the amount of unwanted emails in your inbox.

However, as you also may have noticed, there are more and more ways spammers have found to bypass your email security, getting their junk into your inbox. With the swift evolution of the internet over the last five years, it’s important to know how you can keep your inbox safe from the pernicious ways of spammers.

Don’t post your email address on your website

This is a critical error that, surprisingly, a lot of web users still make. You should never post your email address or give it out freely online unless you’re sure that the site you are submitting it to is totally secure. Spammers utilise software that scans the internet for wayward email addresses that are hovering around freely.

If you own a website and you want to have your e-mail address on it, it’s best to use a form that visitors can fill out and email you instead. Never reveal your email address to the sender. Alternatively, you could post a graphic of your email address, so it cannot be scanned and ‘read’ by spam software.

Don’t reply to suspicious emails from Gumtree or Craigslist 

Public online classifieds sites like Gumtree and Craigslist are rife with spammers wanting to infiltrate your inbox. These websites try to get around spammers by creating a temporary email address for you when you post an ad, which then forwards any replies you get to your actual email address.

Unfortunately, spammers collect these temporary email addresses that are created for you and mail them, hoping to get a reply. The idea is that you’ll open the email, thinking it’s from someone answering your ad. The moment you reply to them, they’ll have your real email address.

Be safe when you use the internet

Being wary of spammers getting hold of your email address is one thing, but unfortunately, their methods evolve with extreme frequency. They design viruses that infect your computer with the sole purpose of collecting your email address, or even use your email address to send out spam without your knowledge. They can even collect the email addresses that are stored in your contact list.

To protect yourself, you should run virus checks regularly - every day if necessary. Make sure you have a firewall set up, too. Alternatively you can look to an email cloud security provider  that can accomplish all security tasks for you, like Mimecast.

Fighting spam successfully often requires a degree of instinct which you will build up over time once you start becoming accustomed to the various schemes employed by spammers. Armed with instinct as well as anti-virus software and sophisticated spam filters, you won’t have to worry about falling victim to their plans.

Best of E3 – Gamergraphic


Did you enjoy the coverage of the E3? Sad that it is now over? Well not to fear as the creative chaps at NetVoucherCodes.co.uk created a brilliant Gamergraphic which highlights all the brilliant things seen at the E3. So expect it to be full of stats, tips and trivia on all of the next generation games and consoles. 

So what is a Gamergraphic? The Gamergraphic is a mini game littered with loads of interesting facts. You start the game with the choice of either next-gen console, PS4 or Xbox One. Once you have made your choice, you jump from platform to platform collecting game cartridges each revealing fun facts. If you can collect all of the E3 cartridges NetVoucherCodes will reward you with a single-use 10% Zavvi discount code - but make sure you hurry as there are only 1000 available! Click through to play  game.



Social Gaming on iOS

Social gaming is big business nowadays, even I find myself drawn into playing these addictive iOS based games on a daily basis. Games such as Draw Something are really fun and interactive and I think the reason I love it so much is because I get to play with my friends. This is normally the case for most apps for the iPhone and iPad and I think that is why so many people I know love the social aspect of gaming. The fact that it's so simple and easy makes it much mor enjoyable, all you have to do is pick a word to draw that your friend has to guess in order to collect a certain amount of coins. You can spend your winnings on more colour palettes within the game, which gives a sense or reward and acts as an incentive to play it more and more. Playing this in my spare time is very enjoyable and other apps such as Words with Friends makes social gaming a lot more challenging and dare I say it, educational.

Another very addictive game that links in with sharing via Facebook is the Bejeweled series. Senior franchise director of the app Bejeweled says that a good social game needs to engage players over a period of time. He has also said in the past that "This is obtained either through compelling core gameplay that’s endlessly repeatable — a feat achieved by a small minority of games and possible only in certain genres — or by constantly adding content to the game, which requires a very disciplined release schedule, and requires the developer to be able to produce content as fast, or faster, than the most active players are consuming it." (Erica Swallow, Forbes

We can therefore conclude from this that a sucessful app would need variety and have ongoing content that would attract our attention. There is also a growing trend toward apps both on our iOS devices & the internet, that allow you to try various Casino Games online such as bingo, horse racing, Black Jack, roulette and so many more. These offer up a social aspect too, whilst at the same time allow us to possibly win a little extra cash too.

5 of the Best Online Games

With the online gambling market continuing to offer a variety of great deals (largely due to the substantial amount of competitor sites), there’s never been a better time to enjoy a few games yourself.  But how should you go about deciding which of the many games available are worthy of your attention?  Well, hopefully this list of the best five should help,

Poker.   It might be seen as a bit of a cliche in the betting world, but poker is a classic for good reason: it’s great fun!  Unlike some card games, poker’s learning curve is reasonably easy for a beginner to negotiate the web’s world of usernames means that you can play with complete anonymity, so you don’t have to worry about pressure.    There are a huge amount of different websites that offer poker from low levels to get you started up to the big stakes for whenyou’ve got used to playing.  888 Poker, Full Tilt Poker and Party Poker are all good websites to start with.

Bingo.  In the last few years, online bingo has absolutely taken off, with new websites springing up almost every week to offer their own versions of this popular game.  Because competition is so high, it’s actually a good time to get involved, with sites outbidding each other to attract custom.  Different companies are offering some great deals such as more than doubling your first initial stake, so if you put £10 into your site account, they will double it to £20 (and on some occasions more than that).  There are usually a range of different games that can be played for both low and high stakes.

Blackjack.  An absolute Vegas classic, blackjack been a part of the gaming industry for years.  Gloriously simple to pick up and play, it’ll take you less than five minutes to learn how the game works (if you don’t already) and get going.  If you’ve got a good memory for remembering which cards have already been dealt, you might find yourself playing at quite an advanced level quite quickly.  Incredibly addictive, Blackjack makes for a really good introduction to casino gaming.

Roulette.  Another classic that’s synonymous with Vegas, roulette has its own sense of theatre, and offers a lot of potential for strategic play.   If you want to get started on roulette, it’s important to remember that the European version will actually give you better odds due to it having one less 0 square.  It also has one fewer green square, which also drops the house odds. Like blackjack, Roulette is quite simple to start off with but has its own learning curve for those looking to play for bigger stakes.

Casino games.  The other main group of games that are popular online are the virtual equivalent of the old fruit and slot machines, with almost all modern casino sites offering their own versions.  Some of the games originated in Egypt, such as the popular Cleopatra’s Pyramids, and others are simply based on the classic ‘3 lemons’ style fruities.   Whatever the design, thesegames never go out of fashion, and are beloved by those who love the ‘classic’ pub feel they get from playing them.

Getting the Right Smartphone for Your Business

Smartphones have become the most common types of mobile phones owned by consumers around the world. These devices also have become the most common phone used by those in the business world. With numerous applications for their use, smartphones can allow business professionals to conduct a myriad of business activities anywhere. All smartphones are not created equal. Many have similar aspects but there are also many differences that set some parts from others. Having the right smartphone makes a tremendous difference in what a business professional can do. Therefore, when choosing a smartphone to use for business some things must be considered.

Smartphones can perform many business tasks due to the applications created for the operating system. The number or apps can vary depending upon the operating system the phone uses. For instance, iPhones and Android devices have the most apps available for their use. Some apps can help with managing customer relations. Others can help perform billing and credit card processing. Another helpful app permits the synchronization of data between one’s smartphone and personal computer. If you want a smartphone to do many tasks, then you may consider an iPhone or Android smartphone.

When conducting business, many people must travel overseas or to other countries. If you do not select the correct smartphone, you may find your phone inoperable when abroad. A GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications phone may be the better option than choosing a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone. Generally, GSM is accepted in more places around the world. Also, along with business travel, make sure the carrier you select has 24 hour customer service. When traveling, you will be in different time zones so the times you may need help will vary. You can find some great Orange, Samsung and vodafone pay monthly deals, perfect for a suitable smartphone for your business needs and with Phones 4 U, they make it easy to compare various phones to help make choosing easier.

When Technology and Fashion Collide

Both fashion and technology are linked in that they rely on ingenuity and innovation. As long-term trends emerge in fashion, many of them rely on advances in technology, both in terms of the customer’s taste and the elements of the pieces themselves. Let’s take a closer look at how fashion and technology intertwine.

Designer iPhone Cases

Because innovations in technology are expensive to fund, having the latest gadget has always been associated with status and wealth. This trend is also apparent in fashion, and many people choose to display their wealth in the form of clothing. But items like smartphones, though expensive, are becoming more and more widespread and are losing their association with extreme wealth. If everybody has a fancy smartphone, then these items lose their ability to stand alone as a fashion item.

Therefore, designers swooped in with pricey iPhone cases to raise the bar even further, as if to help buyers proclaim that not only can they afford an expensive phone, but they can also afford to cover it with an equally pricey case. In fact, Mischa Barton just released her newest iPhone case that carries a retail value of 302,985 USD! That would certainly be a way to express your individuality on the back of your ubiquitous iPhone.

Solar-Power Bikinis

With the growing interest in harnessing the sun for energy, some well-known designers are experimenting with using fabric that contains solar cells. For example, Andrew Schneider has designed a bikini that comes with a plug that you can use to plug in your phone while you work on your tan. That way, you can turn your day at the beach into a way to charge your devices in a pinch.

An Environmentally Responsive Fabric

Designers are also utilizing the public’s growing interest in climate change and environmental impact. One interesting example is the climate dress by Diffus, which consists of many tiny lights and serves to measure air quality. If sensors in the dress detect elevated levels of pollution in the air, the lights respond by lighting up, thereby warning others of toxins in the air. This piece would certainly make a bold statement on the Red Carpet if the wearer wished to raise awareness about environmental degradation.

Recycled Materials

With advances in recycling coupled with concerns about the sustainability of producing new materials, it’s now possible to find the latest fashions made of recycled materials. SegraSegra, for example, uses recycled bicycle tire tubes to make pleather jackets. Other designers are experimenting with creating eveningwear out of recycled materials. Imagine being able to shop for cocktail dresses, suits and fashionable gilets made out of things we used to throw away, and have them be seen as haute couture.

These are just a few of the remarkable advances that have occurred due to the collision of fashion and technology. It will certainly be interesting to see other developments in these two fields.

Using your Smartphone with a Projector

There are many who would love to host a backyard movie night with their friends or family members. Nowadays it is very common to store dozens of videos and movies in a smartphone or a tablet. However, this may those who would like to share their collection with others, mostly because of the limits of a small screen. There are currently many smartphone projectors that are small sized, but able to deliver great picture quality that will guarantee excellent results.

For those who don’t know where to start, remember that a blank screen is needed before you even think about investing in a projector. There's nothing quite as useful or cheap as a simple white sheet, and it is able to work great even with expensive setups. If you don’t want to invest in a blank screen specially designed for projectors, you can use just about any blank wall for a similar effect.

There are many apps to use along with your projectors. Most notably there is the Epson iProjection app. This app is a great option for those that are looking for an easy way to project their images on the go. The app is very simple thanks to its intuitive menu options that help bring all the content from your smartphones to the big screen. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Epson also makes many great projectors that are fully compatible with smartphones and tablet devices. With a simple search you will find more information about Epson projectors.

For those that own an iPhone device, one of the most versatile options out there is Brookstone's Pocket Projector. This innovative projector is very simple to use, since it was designed specifically with the iPhone in mind. It is very easy to slide onto the device and project a high quality image. If you don’t have any external speakers, this device has your bases covered too. This pocket projector has a built in rechargeable battery, so even if your Apple device is low on power, it is possible to use the Pocket Projector’s own energy as a back-up. You’ve got to be realistic though, a projector this small is not going to deliver the same picture quality as the bigger, more expensive models.

If you don’t own an iPhone, there are still many great options, such as the Optoma Pico Pocket Projector. This is another pocket device that is able to project hi-def images. This device is affordable, extremely light and portable, making it ideal for those that want to project their videos and movies anywhere they want. This mini device also comes with a remote that allows simple pausing.

Spotify - Transforming the way we listen to music on the move

Nowadays, we can live our life to a constant soundtrack as music is easier than ever to listen to on the go. Most people now have smartphones with access to the internet and downloadable apps, so will have a huge library of music at their fingertips. As well as fm and digital radio being a feature of many phones, Spotify is also available to make choosing and listening to music easy. Spotify began as a service accessible through your computer and in 2009 became available to mobile phone users too.

Don’t miss out on this revolution in mobile music, and upgrade your phone to a Spotify-compatible version. The app is free to download and you can also save money when purchasing your new smartphone. Rather than chucking your old model, why not sell it online and put the money raised towards a newer, better version. It’s simple to sell blackberry curve and a whole range of other mobiles using specialist websites. You can pop in the name and model of your phone and receive a quote, so you know how much you can expect from your sale. Then post your blackberry or other mobile device and receive a cheque in the post or direct to your account.

The launch of Spotify for mobile phones in 2009 heralded a new era of music on the go. At the time the app gave users access to around 4 million tracks, making it easy to search and pick music to suit your mood wherever internet access was available. Even when not in an internet hotspot, the launch meant that music was still accessible, as Spotify allowed users to save more than 3,000 tracks on their mobile to play offline.

You can personalise Spotify on your mobile phone by creating a playlist. Simply type in the name of the track you want and add this to your playlist – perhaps you could group tunes by band, year, genre or for a certain occasion so however you’re feeling and wherever you are, you’ll have a musical accompaniment! You can even share your playlist with your friends, by uploading it onto your Spotify public profile, or through Facebook.

If you’re looking to save money and aren’t sure about whether to pay Spotify’s subscription free, you can try out the service on your mobile with the Premium free trial. One of the service’s top features is its enhanced sound quality. Not only can you enjoy your music through headphones, but the great sound quality means you can switch your mobile to speaker and share your favourite tunes with your friends too. This version is free of ads, allows unlimited music and even lets you take tracks abroad with you.

If listening to music whilst you’re out and about sounds appealing, but you’re not sure which genres or bands to choose, why not use online radio through your mobile instead? Apps like BBC iPlayer give access to a number of digital radio stations, and also feature ‘listen again’ options providing further choice if there’s nothing live you fancy hearing. Or, for a personalised service, Spotify Radio will learn what you like and select appropriate tracks. Whilst listening to songs through the Spotify app you can rate them with a thumbs up or a thumbs down, which is logged by Spotify and used to choose songs you’ll like.

Listening to music whilst out and about – and even when travelling abroad – is quick, easy and affordable. Just make sure you have a top mobile phone to allow for these great services!

Legal Website shows Great Design

Having an accident is one of the worst things that can happen to you. The amount of repercussions that can escalate from being in one is quite an eye opener. It's a good job that there are people out there that can help you.
Having somebody to fight for your side helps a lot, especially a good solicitor. Irwin Mitchell have been around since 1912 and they are one of the largest law firms in the UK with over 140 partners and over 900 associates, consultants, senior advisors and other fee earners. They have years of experience in whiplash claims so they can guide you through the process step-by-step using plain English. One are that they specialise in can help you get Road Accident Compensation.
Whiplash injuries often respond well to physiotherapy and medical treatment. Irwin Mitchell can help you get access to financial compensation, but they can also get you access to the medical help that you require.
Their website contains a lot of information that will certainly answer any questions that you have about them. You will be sure to find an answer easily due to the clean layout of the site. It is organised into Personal & Business service sections, along with details of the main specialist that work for them and of course their office locations. The top menu system used is equally impressive, giving you access to information on all of the services the offer. Each of the service categories contain a wealth of extra information, which goes a long way to give the potential client a good insight before even picking up the phone to make that call.
What do you think about this topic? Have you ever been in an accident? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments below!

Will Large Screen Smartphones Wipe Out Tablets?

We have been seeing a major push in smartphones lately, especially smartphones with a large screen. Large screen smartphones are nearly as big as a small tablets now. At the moment, there is a massive trend for companies to make and push out phablets (phablet = a screen size of 5 inches or more). We have been seeing a lot of these new devices being released at MCW 2013. Below, I have listed some of my favourite devices, that really do stand out. 

Mobile phones or phablets are all well and good but if your in an area with poor or no signal and are looking for a better solution then a set of Mototrbo radios would be advised.

  • LG Optimus G Pro - This beast is a phablet that has a 5.5 inch full HD IPS screen with a 1920x1080 resoluto and 440ppi.

  • Nokia Lumia 720 - This is one of the many new smartphones that Nokia have released at MWC. However, I really like this particular smartphone because it has a stunning unibidy type of design. You can wirelessly charge it, and it has 8GB of internal storage.

  • ZTE Grand Memo - This is another very large screen phone. The screen size is 5.7 inches. It runs Android version 4.1.2. This phablet also has a 13-megapixel camera on the rear with a 1-megapixel on the front.

  • Fujitsu Arrows X - This is a new flagship smartphone from Fujitsu. It's rocking a Tegra 3 CPU, with 2GB of RAM. It has a 5-inch 1080p screen with a finger print scanner!

Will a large screen smartphone eventually overtake a tablet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.