Skullcandy launches $130 PLYR2 headset for wire-hating gamers

Skullcandy is making sure gamers have yet another item to put on the holiday wishlist with the official debut of the PLYR2, which is not only the company's latest gaming headset but also its first effort at a wireless model. It boasts 2.4GHz wireless audio, Skullcandy's "Supreme Sound" technology, a GMX stereo transmitter for balancing game and voice audio, three different EQ sound modes and an adjustable boom mic that can be flipped up to mute. The PLYR2 is available in black, white and teal for $129.99 and follows the earlier release of a budget-friendly $79.99 SLYR wired headset, while a fancier Dolby Surround Sound-equipped PLYR1 is set to debut in early 2013. Now you can shout expletives in style as you get pwned in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 -- just what you needed, right?

[Source: Engadget]