The Gear You Want for Ultimate Gaming Comfort

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Image credit: Mario

Paying proper attention to videogames is, as it should be, the number one concern of many dedicated gamers in the UK. As every proper player knows, you can spend hours glued to the screen, forsaking human comforts as you battle through the demands of Call of Duty.

But wait! It need not be this way. Oh, we’re not saying you should spend a minute less online, but now, you can do it in comfort and style. Consider these valuable accessories to truly up your game…


A really good chair

As office workers know, sitting in the wrong chair at the wrong height for a long time can affect your health, giving you back ache and a poor posture. But though if you’re sitting at a desk playing from your laptop a good ergonomic office chair is a good option, what you really need is a special gaming chair. The X-Rocker Wireless II Gaming Chair features surround sound, a sub woofer, and wireless capability, for a fantastic multi media experience.  

Something to keep your energy up

Of course, ultimately the best thing for anyone is a healthy home cooked meal, cooked from scratch, but let’s face it: During a tricky moment in Zelda it’s essential that you don’t stir from your chair. You could call for a pizza, but even answering the door takes valuable time. The answer lies in grabbing an energy boosting health drink which can just sit by the console sp you can sip and improve concentration without affecting your score. 

The right outfit

When you’re sitting at home and no-one can see you, it’s fine to just slob out in any old t shirt and trackie bottom, right? Wrong. As motivational coaches up an down the country will tell you, it’s important to dress for success and for these reason we recommend wearing the right clothing for the job. Like this Mario-style t-shirt. It will help you assume the character of your favourite, er character, and once you are in the correct mindset of a plump Italian plumber, success is (almost) absolutely guaranteed.

The best speakers

Sound on games has evolved beyond the loveable bleeps and beeps of the past which could be turned off when they got too annoying with not much effect on play into a fully integrated part of the gaming experience. We love these Harmon Kardon sound sticks because they look totally sci fi and we think that they’re like something Dr Who would have, if Dr Who needed perfect sound to enjoy his MMORPG properly. Aesthetics aside, the speakers perform really well and are easy to install.

Well, that’s our list of favourites. What are your gaming essentials? Do you agree that these are all you need for a good night in or would you add anything?

Sound without speakers; Kyocera is changing how we hear each other

What if a phone didn’t need a speaker to relay a phone conversation to you? Sounds crazy, maybe. We’ve been utilizing speakers (almost exclusively) since Alexander Graham Bell (or Innocenzo Manzetti, depending on how you look at it) invented the telephone, so not having one seems far fetched...

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Bowers & Wilkins intros classy A7 and A5 AirPlay speakers, leaves out the 30-pin dock

When it comes to Apple-focused audio wares, Bowers & Wilkins makes some of the of the ritiziest options available. Expanding on its its existing speaker range, the company has introduced a duo of new AirPlay speakers dubbed as the A5 ($500) and A7 ($800). Both HiFi boxes are nearly identical from the outside (aside from the size difference), and feature the same black and silver aesthetic as the MM-1 media speakers. The A7 nets you a duo of 25-watt 1-inch Nautilus "tube-loaded" tweeters" (just like the MM-1s), two 25-watt 3-inch drivers for the mid-range and a 50-watt 6-inch woofer, while the A5 shrinks things by forgoing a woofer and using a smaller speaker array of two 20-watt tweeters and two 20-watt mid-range drivers. The speakers on both units are independently driven, and both systems feature an "audiophile-grade" DAC that'll upscale music streams to a maximum 24-bit / 96kHz sample rate. As you'd expect, the units feature WiFi and Ethernet connectivity and 3.5mm inputs for hooking in sans wireless, but it's worth noting these audio boxes lack 30-pin docks -- at least you still get a remote. Check out the video after the break for a detailed look at both, and the source link below for all the juicy details.

[Source: Engadget]

Creative D5 Air Airplay speaker hits IFA, readies itself for a late-September release

There's nothing quite like a behind closed doors briefing at a busy tradeshow like IFA. Creative wasn't quite ready to take its new D5 Air out onto the showroom floor just yet, but the company did let us take a sneak peak at the thing in a small testing room room. As the name implies, this sound bar is an AirPlay speaker, so you can use it with devices that utilize Apple's proprietary streaming technology. We got a quick demo of the thing via an iPhone, and it sounded nice and loud.

The player has a small, square screen on the front that is "visible from any part of the room," according to the company, so you can sit on your couch and still see what's going on, while controlling it via your Apple device or the included remote control. Aesthetically, the single speaker system looks like exactly what you'd expect from Creative, all black, with the vast majority of the rectangle monopolize by mesh and shiny plastic ends on either side. There's also a black line with illuminated white dots that runs down its center, up to the iPhone / iPod dock on its top.

The D5 Air has a bass port built into the back and is constructed from a monocoque exoskeleton to help minimize vibration. It'll run you $399 when it starts shipping at the end of September.

[Source: Engadget]