Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review – Hands-Free Entertainment

Wires are seeming increasingly old-school these days. The new generation of headphones are wireless, and the market is flooded with options for those who like to listen to music without getting bogged down in wires. I have good news to report: Bluetooth headphones have come a long way. Although the first generation of Bluetooth wireless headphones could be iffy at best, the latest models offer a clear sound and convenient design that makes them a more useful tool than those of the past. The hi-Edo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are an example of cool cheap gadgets. Whether you’re looking for headphones for commuting or your next holiday, these offer an array of features at a very reasonable price. Here’s a closer look at the pros and cons.

Hands-Free Features

The biggest benefit of these wireless Bluetooth headphones is that you can carry on with your day without being weighed down by wires. You can also use the headphones to talk on the phone, as well as listen to music. There’s no need to untangle headphones or store any extra gear; everything you need is in one handy place. The headphones connect to your smartphone, and with the latest Bluetooth technology the data exchange is fast and reliable. 

So let’s talk specs: the headphones have a battery life of up to 30 hours if you’re actively using them, but if they’re put in standby mode the battery lasts for a good 15 days. The maximum power is 20mW, with a frequency response of 20Hz to 20 KHz. Touch sensitivity of the headphones is 96dB share, and there’s an operating range of approximately ten metres. The headphones are equipped with a built-in microphone that lets you place and receive phone calls, but the primary purpose of these Bluetooth headphones is really listening to music. 

Basic Controls

You can control the volume on your headphones or skip past songs you’re not in the mood for by clicking on the side of the headphones. Although there are some fancier models out there that are voice-controlled, you’ll pay a lot more for that privilege. One area where these headphones do excel is in the design. They’re packaged in a range of fun colours with a minimalistic design, which goes pretty well with anyone’s wardrobe and sense of style. Some headphones can be clunky, but the hi-Edo are fairly chic. You can choose from a wide range of different colour combinations, including white and gray, black and gray, black and pink, white and red, and black and green among others. 

While style isn’t such an important feature to me personally, I do have to say that the headphones were nice and lightweight which made me forget that I was wearing them at times. They were easy to control with the buttons on the side of the right earphone. There’s nothing complicated here about these headphones, but everything worked. The price point for these gadgets is also lower than what you’d pay for new Apple or Bose wireless headphones, so if you’re looking for an affordable gift they can be a good option.

The Gear You Want for Ultimate Gaming Comfort

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    Image credit:       Mario

Image credit: Mario

Paying proper attention to videogames is, as it should be, the number one concern of many dedicated gamers in the UK. As every proper player knows, you can spend hours glued to the screen, forsaking human comforts as you battle through the demands of Call of Duty.

But wait! It need not be this way. Oh, we’re not saying you should spend a minute less online, but now, you can do it in comfort and style. Consider these valuable accessories to truly up your game…


A really good chair

As office workers know, sitting in the wrong chair at the wrong height for a long time can affect your health, giving you back ache and a poor posture. But though if you’re sitting at a desk playing from your laptop a good ergonomic office chair is a good option, what you really need is a special gaming chair. The X-Rocker Wireless II Gaming Chair features surround sound, a sub woofer, and wireless capability, for a fantastic multi media experience.  

Something to keep your energy up

Of course, ultimately the best thing for anyone is a healthy home cooked meal, cooked from scratch, but let’s face it: During a tricky moment in Zelda it’s essential that you don’t stir from your chair. You could call for a pizza, but even answering the door takes valuable time. The answer lies in grabbing an energy boosting health drink which can just sit by the console sp you can sip and improve concentration without affecting your score. 

The right outfit

When you’re sitting at home and no-one can see you, it’s fine to just slob out in any old t shirt and trackie bottom, right? Wrong. As motivational coaches up an down the country will tell you, it’s important to dress for success and for these reason we recommend wearing the right clothing for the job. Like this Mario-style t-shirt. It will help you assume the character of your favourite, er character, and once you are in the correct mindset of a plump Italian plumber, success is (almost) absolutely guaranteed.

The best speakers

Sound on games has evolved beyond the loveable bleeps and beeps of the past which could be turned off when they got too annoying with not much effect on play into a fully integrated part of the gaming experience. We love these Harmon Kardon sound sticks because they look totally sci fi and we think that they’re like something Dr Who would have, if Dr Who needed perfect sound to enjoy his MMORPG properly. Aesthetics aside, the speakers perform really well and are easy to install.

Well, that’s our list of favourites. What are your gaming essentials? Do you agree that these are all you need for a good night in or would you add anything?


It Breaks. You Send. We Fix

Last year it was reported that 7 out of 10 people in the UK own a Smartphone. Nowadays, many of us have come to rely heavily on our mobile phones, from the mundane function of waking us up; to reminding us about important events and, obviously, keeping us connected with others. Naturally, mobile device related mishaps happen from time to time; these accidents can be anything from breaking the screen to more technical issues such as liquid damage. In fact, a well-known technology news source reported that 26% of iPhones break within 2 years of purchase.

Quick Mobile Fix is a new national mobile device repair service that offers a solution to the problems many of us face when our mobile phone breaks, mainly, how do I contact people now? Not only will Quick Mobile Fix mend your current mobile phone, tablet or iPod with their 24 hour service, but, also, offer incredibly competitive prices, include free postage and a 1 year warranty on all repairs, and will, additionally, offer you a courtesy phone in return. The phones on offer range from basic Nokia’s to the latest iPhone & Samsung Galaxy.

Quick Mobile Fix repairs all Samsung phones, iPhones and iPads, which is handy, because iFixit have recently announced that the latest iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S are trickier to repair than the iPhone 5, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 is harder to fix than its predecessor. Aside from these fantastic offerings, Quick Mobile Fix also sells a number of different used and reconditioned mobile phones at affordable prices.

To find out more about this useful new service please check out www.QuickMobileFix.com or follow @QuickMobileFix on Twitter.

Best World Cup Apps

With the 2014 World Cup fast approaching, passionate fans will be able to savour a football-filled summer as the best players in the world will swap their domestic duties at the end of the season to put on the national shirt and represent their country with pride. Billions of people across the world will, once again, be glued to their television sets across households and pubs as they cheer their national side onto potentially glory in Brazil. 3.2 billion tuned in to watch the drama unfold during South Africa 2010, with viewing figures set to be even bigger for Brazil 2014 as the four year wait for the most prestigious tournament in football is over.

Image courtesy of   http://pixabay.com/

Image courtesy of http://pixabay.com/

Innovative technology now allows football fans to keep tabs on everything related to the World Cup, with a plethora of downloadable apps available to smartphone and tablet users who can access the latest stories, live streams and on-demand highlights, and live score reports whilst on the go. It allows fans to keep glued to the action wherever they are, whether it is during a long commute or waiting for a doctor’s appointment, which is particularly invaluable when they cannot see the action unfold on television. World Cup apps allow users to enter a world of football at the touch of a screen, with the best options providing the best quality betting service, live score system and trending news stories which include who will be included in Roy Hodgson’s 23-man squad for Brazil 2014 and the odds on crouch to get a recall?

Official FIFA app
The official FIFA app is the perfect download for every football fanatic who wishes to keep in touch with everything that is happening throughout this summer’s World Cup. Available in five languages, the multi-purpose app also covers every domestic league across the world via a live score system, league tables and fixtures to ensure you remain up-to-date across the football world. The app also allows users to watch live matches through extensive tournament coverage, with official FIFA stories and highlights provided after the action has ended on the pitch. Football fans can also benefit from receiving live score updates as goals fly in during the World Cup, which includes the goal-scorer and minute it was scored which can be handy for football punters who have a bet on and, more importantly, for those on the go.

Gambling via smartphone and tablet devices has further revolutionised the multi-billion gambling industry in providing punters with a more convenient and efficient method to place bets at their own discretion. The Coral app perfectly condenses their desktop service onto handheld devices which allow users to gamble during the World Cup whilst on the go without having to sit in front of a computer or travel to their local bookmaker office. Coral’s mobile app provides a comprehensive selection of betting markets to choose from, such as tournament top scorer and outright World Cup winner, to ensure football punter can enjoy the very best gambling experience during every game. Their service is supported through a live in-play market that offer regularly updated odds during each World Cup game, thus offering more opportunity for football fans to enjoy the action and potentially win variable amounts of money in the process.

Keeping tabs on the latest football scores is arguably the prime use for football apps by fans who wish to be up-to-date across every domestic and international fixture. The LiveScore app is a simplistic, yet effective, app that allows you to access a wealth of football scores across the world, and is regularly updated minute-by-minute. Its layout is filtered through each domestic league and international tournament, with the screen packed with latest, half-time and full-time scorelines. Tapping on each score bar can allow users to see which players have scored, who provided an assist if there is one, and yellow and red cards that are branded by the referee during the game. LiveScore can be utilised through Brazil 2014 as a direct portal to the latest scores which keep you instantly informed on how well teams are doing in every game, and whether your home nation are set to go all the way to the Final.

Vulnerability Scanning: How it Works

Vulnerability scanning protects your networks and applications from outside attack and should be a major cornerstone in the online security protection of any organisation. IT security is not an issue that you can afford to take lightly, but with the right precautions in place you can ensure that any risk is effectively minimised.

How it works

Vulnerability scanning techniques vary from company to company, but the basic principles are the same: a scan depth and schedule appropriate to the networks and software involved is worked out and then set to run automatically at designated intervals — click here for a more detailed breakdown of how the process works.

There are typically four different elements involved: the scanning itself, the analysis of the contents of the scan, appropriate alerts and then detailed reports. Again, the alerts and reports can be customised as required, to suit the needs of the business. Low-risk threats may not set off an alert at all, for example, but will be mentioned in any reports.


By taking a pro-active approach to threats from the web, vulnerability-scanning software is able to significantly reduce the risk of internal and external breaches of a network. Any unauthorised access can be spotted and dealt with at the earliest opportunity. Penetration testing alone is not enough.

Getting a dedicated provider on board to take care of vulnerability scanning services means that your costs can be substantially reduced, both in terms of money spent on IT monitoring and the time and effort required keeping watch for vulnerabilities manually. What's more, a regular scanning schedule means that infrastructure changes are also flagged up and reported at the earliest possible opportunity.

The reports generated by your scanning software package of choice can be invaluable in identifying potential problems and weaknesses in your existing applications. As time goes on, you can use them to build up a comprehensive picture of your own systems and networks, which means that you're better prepared for any attack from outside.

Peace of mind

With the correct, validated vulnerability scanning procedures in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your systems have been secured against outside threats. Once the initial assessment has been carried out, the scanning tools themselves run automatically and require very little in the way of maintenance or fine-tuning.

The nature of the threats arriving from the Web is changing all the time and so it's important to install a vulnerability scanning system that can change and adapt too. By finding a security provider who understands your network and its applications, you can get a bespoke solution designed to fit your protection needs exactly. 

Vulnerability scanning deals with a very real and present danger, but as long as you have a competent and reliable security solution in place, it's not a threat that should keep you awake at night. When choosing a provider, look for one that combines both top-of-the-range software solutions with expert human engineers who can be on hand to deal quickly with any issues that may arise.

Casinos Go Mobile

With the rising popularity of smartphones, more and more people are filling their spare moments by playing games, checking their social networks and having a quick gamble online; but of these three options we find the last is becoming more and more commonplace. It's estimated that out of the 780 million participants who play social games on Facebook alone, 98 million of these play casino games and even while the number of members on Facebook dropped in 2011 the utilisation of casino games increased by 60%.

However You Want,

There are quite a few benefits to playing online casinos on your mobile, but the variety of options for how to play is by far the biggest one. No matter your game, you will find something to your liking on a mobile site, native app or local app; most good gambling websites now have their own mobile sites which are optimised for iPhone, Android and iPads. Studies show that one in twenty iPhone owners are users of sport betting apps, mostly used on public transport or while watching TV.

Whatever You Want,

The many game and theme choices are completely open to players. While websites like http://www.bgo.com offer casino games, slot games and video poker games on their optimised mobile site as well as blackjack, live baccarat and roulette, other websites will specialise in themed slots or specific card games. There is also a huge amount of bingo games on offer, from quick, small bets to longer games where chat options are popular.

With Whomever You Want!

Speaking of chat, the sociable aspect is one of the most appealing features of mobile gambling. With Facebook gaming, players are able to compete with or against their friends, and on many bingo sites live chats are commonplace, unlike a bingo hall in real life where chatting among players is strictly prohibited. First time or nervous players can also get a lot of additional help on gambling sites from live chat hosts.

A study released in 2010 revealed that expectations are that by 2015 the total sum wagered on mobile casinos games will be over $48 billion, and another forecast predicts that the 2014 mobile gaming revenues from around the world will reach $11.4 billion. The online casino industry is estimated to be worth over $30 billion, with mobile capitalising on bringing entertaining and challenging games to the pockets of those in desperate boredom on trains, bus stops and waiting rooms around the country.