Tovo t450g - Mobile & Wireless Calls

The Tovo t450g is a new offering from Mobiboo Europe which promises easy switching from a mobile network and a VOIP access point. So, in much the same way as all the Skype handsets that have been appearing, this handset adds mobile capability to the equation.

Now, don't let that Skype comment throw you off track, this handset does NOT run Skype. Instead it connects to a wi-fi router or hotspot and routes the call through this via the Tovo network. The handset is supplied sim-free, so you can put your current card in it and dial away as normal. Big savings are promised from the handset, but this assumes that you are happy to make most of your calls via VOIP, and that you cancel your BT landline (not a requirement, but it is in the savings equation).

The handset itself is OK, not really that impressive, sort of a step back. Yes, the connectivity technology is there, but the screen is a bit of a let down and the camera is only a 0.3 megapixel affair. You do get a charging dock in the box, along with a USB cable and earphones, which go some way to making up for the mediocre handset.

Call quality over a normal mobile connection is very clear and over VOIP is more than acceptable, so I can see a place for this in the market. I think that to make full use of it, you need to be dedicated to making the most of the VOIP calls. You can connect to any open wi-fi hotspot, or any Mobizone, Cloud, or looseconnection hotspot, of which there are many dotted around the UK.
The biggest draw for anyone (including myself) would not be the handset, but the potential savings. A sim free handset will set you back £169.95, but gets you a very cheap pay as you go package, costing just 2p per minute for local and national calls. Tovo-to-tovo calls are free, plus you can tag on Mobiboo Dashboard to your service, which gives you a service similar to Skype for a fixed yearly charge.

Can I recommend the Tovo t450g? Well, it is not for me, but that is because I have a mobile I am happy with and use Skype for the rest of my calls. However, if you want a no fuss handset, that combines a mobile phone with a wireless VOIP handset, then yes, give it a try. You are not getting the latest and greatest in the design stakes, but you are getting the latest in technology.

Product: Tovo t450g
Price: £169.95
Supplied by: Mobiboo Europe Limited