DocumentWallet Review - get organised!

DocumentWallet from GGT Enterprises is one of those applications that is difficult to see how and why one would use it, but I decided to dig a little deeper and see if I could find a permanent place for it in my dock.

Basically, in its simplest form it is a scan organiser. You scan directly into the DocumentWallet application and then it asks you to assign certain tags to your scan. The fact that after every scan you can assign a title, date, and category makes this a very useful tool, but it also does a lot more besides.

For my test I scanned in a selection of post office receipts and bank statements, each time entering the relevant information. I could choose between scanning a single item, or if I selected 'Scan Multi' for a multiple page statement, they would be saved under a single entry in the application window. So once my scanning was complete they were presented in a three pane window (see image). To the left are the 'Collection' titles, which work in much the same way as iTunes or iPhoto libraries. The upper right window gives me a list of my scans, which can be sorted by clicking on the relevant heading. The bottom window shows me thumbnails (which are adjustable in size) or my scans. There is also a details drawer, which pops out the right hand side. This displays information about any scan that I highlight.

Once all this information is in DocumentWallet I can do various things with it, and this is where the application shows its usefulness. I can search my documents and as I type in the amount of scans (and their thumbnails) reduce accordingly. Apart from the powerful searching, I can also highlight a scan and save, print, email, or burn it. If I select email, it is placed within my email application, ready for adding some text to the recipient.
Another handy feature is being able to add to my scanned documents, so as I receive more credit card statements (rather unfortunately this is bound to happen), I can add them to my existing scans. This makes for very neat and effective organisation. I can even add to things from external files, so if someone emails me some receipts or invoices, I can add them into the relevant location within DocumentWallet.

So, what started out as a simple scan organiser, really has shown me that I can make my files a lot easier to handle. Just for the sole purpose of getting my bank and credit card statements into order, it is worth its $29.95 asking price. It works with any TWAIN compliant scanner, and you can even try it for 21 days before you commit to making a purchase. If you do a lot of document scanning, then I would highly recommend that you try DocumentWallet, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Product: DocumentWallet
Price: $29.95
Supplied by: GGT Enterprises