The Sims Life Stories Review

The Sims Life Stories is a welcome addition to the Sims storyline and will certainly make you sit up and take notice. Right from the outset, you should know that if you like the Sims, you will get the most of out this offering, it is definitely a game that you will play for hours and enjoy minute of it. Of note, this is not an add-on or expansion pack to Sims 2, it is a full standalone game.

The graphics on this game are fantastic. As soon as you see the little clip at the beginning of the game, you think wow! The intro is great, and makes you want to get into the gameplay as quickly as possible. But then, when you look at the options and click on the graphics option, you can make the pictures even more detailed! Adjusting the graphic detail makes a big difference to your enjoyment of the game, so if you system will handle it, put everything up to max.

Next up is the sound. The Sims may not speak English but their own language is very entertaining. The sound is very life like and somewhat comical when they speak. When they take a bubble bath, it really does sound like a bubble bath, or when they are cooking something, it really does sound like your cooking and sizzling something tasty. As I said earlier, it really is life like.

Right, let's move on to the story. Well first of all there is Riley's Story. You get to play Riley who is staying at her Aunt Sharon's house since she lost her job. Riley wants to bounce back into action by, getting a brand new job and searching for a new guy to start a family with. Finding out that her high school ex-boyfriend is about town, she starts to fall for him again. Will her love series end in a happy ever after? I won't spoil that part for you, only you can decide the outcome.

Next there is Vincent's story. At the age of 9yrs old his Uncle bought him a kite. He attached a couple of plates and wrapped the kite in foil. He also added two rockets, filled with fuel or helium to the end to make his very own satalite. In his adult years he is a billionaire! Now that his job is being a business tycoon, the millions are rolling in. At the start of Vincent's story he is coming back from a two week business trip. Vincent left his house in the hands of his trusted girlfriend Samantha. As soon as he gets out of the helicopter, Vincent is greeted by Samantha, with a great big hug. They have been dating for just three weeks in total and Samantha bursts out a surprise marriage proposal. Vincent says no, so you have to help him on biggest challenge of all, E-Dating…

There really isn't just a single brilliant part in Life Stories, since the whole game is superb. The Sims Life Stories is one of the best games I have ever reviewed, and I will continue to play it for a long time to come! There is a whole new range of clothes and outfits for the Sims to wear, which are fantastic. Plus, the new objects and inventory you can buy for your Sim to enjoy and use for their aspirational needs. This game is definitely worth every penny and I would recommend that anyone (young or old) would love to play this fantastic game.
Review by Pamela Cryer

Product: The Sims Life Stories
Price: £29.99
Supplied by: Aspyr Media Europe Limited
Contact: +44 (0) 1923 200 940