Overflow Review - organise your dock

Overflow from Stunt Software has been installed on my computer for almost a month now. I waited this long to bring you the review because I wanted to see if I actually used it, and if it performed well. So exactly what is Overflow?

Well, if you dock is anything like mine, it is bursting with too many icons, all stretched out in one long line. Sometimes I find myself searching for an application just a little to long. Yes, I know that Spotlight is there for quick launching, but I want something more GUI based... this is where Overflow steps in.

Overflow is a small application that be set to launch at system startup, it resides in your dock, but is also accessible by pressing a keyboard shortcut, which you can set to pretty much anything. Upon launch you are presented with a grid of spaces and some categories listed along the left side. To set Overflow up you simply set the categories, such as applications, utilities, documents etc. Then you drag the icons (as you would to the dock) into the grid.

Then you can quickly and easily launch applications from Overflow. It is nice that you can also drag regularly used documents into the application. For example, if you always load up the same letterhead template to use, drag it into Overflow and you can save yourself some time. Nice touches like an icon glowing when you put your mouse over it, make this seem like a really simple, yet swish app. You can even navigate Overflow via your keyboard, which makes it a lot quicker to launch things.

Overflow doesn't really do anything that you cannot do with the dock, but what is does is organise it, and for that I commend it. This is one application that will definitely stay installed on my Mac.

Product: Overflow
Price: $14.95
Supplied by: Stunt Software
Contact: info@stuntsoftware.com