Apple 7th Generation 2012 iPod Nano Unboxing & First Look

When the 6th Gen Nano came out, the world suddenly realised that it could become a watch for the geeks. With so many accessories released. Then Apple turned things upside down again with the 7th generation of their tiny MP3 player. Gone is the sqaure shape, so well suited to a watch face and in comes a longer, sleeker design with round icons. Check out our unboxing & first look below, along with some high resolution photos showing all the Apple goodness.









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iCon - Steve Jobs - A Good Read

Well, how can one make a review about a book exciting? Nowadays we all read our LCD screens and if it is not online we are not interested.
Maybe you should take some time out, as the title of this book contains the immortal words 'Steve' and 'Jobs'. Yes, I know it will mean you breaking away from your Mac for a while, but this engaging read takes a look at his Steveness and how he achieved his first great success, was subsequently sacked and then had his second coming ! (ahem). This provides a real insight into just what goes on in Wayne's World (sorry I mean Steve's world) and is a must read for anyone who claims to be a Mac Geek. The book is bang up-to-date, covering Disney's acquisition of Pixar and is a steal at just £9.99.

Supplied by John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Published by John Wiley & Sons Inc.
ISBN 0-471-78784-1
Price £9.99
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