Apple 7th Generation 2012 iPod Nano Unboxing & First Look

When the 6th Gen Nano came out, the world suddenly realised that it could become a watch for the geeks. With so many accessories released. Then Apple turned things upside down again with the 7th generation of their tiny MP3 player. Gone is the sqaure shape, so well suited to a watch face and in comes a longer, sleeker design with round icons. Check out our unboxing & first look below, along with some high resolution photos showing all the Apple goodness.









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Supplied by Apple UK

Apple's 5th Gen iPod Nano Review

How could Apple improve on the already uber-popular iPod Nano. Well, they kept the same slim design of the mega thin MP3 player, squeezed on a slightly bigger screen... oh and added a video camera and microphone into the mix. Check out the review below.

The following link is to some video footage tests taken with the 5th Gen iPod Nano;

Product: Apple 5th Gen iPod Nano
Price: 8GB £115 : 16GB £135
Available from: Apple UK
Contact: 0800 048 0408

Apple 3rd Gen iPod Nano Review + UK iPhone News

In our latest video installment we bring you more than just a review. We kick off with the news that Apple announced this morning, regarding the UK iPhone pricing, carrier and tariffs. Then onto the review of the 3rd generation iPod Nano. This tiny device arrived at Geekanoids on Monday and to say it is "impressive" is an understatement. How Apple pack so much technology into such a tiny device is amazing. Then squeezing the same number of pixels into the 2-inch screen as on the 5th gen iPod and iPod Classic makes for one of the best screens I have seen to date. Check out the video and enjoy!

Product: 8GB iPod Nano - 3rd generation
Price: £129.00
Note: 4GB model available for £99.00
Supplied by: Apple UK
Contact: 0800 039 1010

Speck Canvas Sport Case for iPod Nano

With so many different iPod cases available on the market it is important to stand out from the crowd... with style. The Canvas Sport case from Speck for the iPod Nano tries just that with 'Converse' type styling.

This case is designed to accommodate both the 1st generation and 2nd gen iPod Nano. It is available in a variety of colours,light green, pink, black, silver and blue, all with contrasting white detailing. The combination of canvas and rubber grip areas around the edges make for a nice quality feel. On the front there is a hard plastic screen protector stitched in, with contrasting stitching around this and the click wheel. On the back of the case is a nice strong belt clip, again with stitch detailing.

Getting your Nano into the case is a breeze. A simple pop stud on the back to undo, then 3/4 of the back hinges down, iPod slips in and then pop it closed again. There is no access to the dock port whilst your iPod is in the case, but this didn't really bother me as it is so quick and simple to open the case. You do have full click wheel access (uncovered) and the top and bottom of the case have cutout for the headphone socket and hold switch. A minor niggle is that the top and bottom are quite thick textured rubber. This is nice to the touch, but it makes the hold switch quite difficult to switch on & off.

If you want to carry your iPod Nano in style then you should definitely consider the Canvas Sport case. The quality is nice, the screen protection is nice and clear and the belt clip is nice a strong. Styling is also very pleasing to the eye, especially the stitch detailing. The simple access to get your iPod in and out of the case is also a big plus point. The Canvas Sport for iPod Nano, from Speck comes with a 8.5/10 rating.

Supplied by: Speck Products
Price: $29.95
Link to product: Canvas Sport for iPod Nano

Apple iPod Nano 4Gb - New 2G Delivers !

To say I feel honoured is an understatement, but when I took the new 2nd generation iPod Nano out of the shipping box my jaw dropped. The new transparent packaging is fantastic and I  now know why Steve Jobs mentioned it in his keynote. Not thinking my jaw could get any lower I  removed the Nano from its’ packaging and was once again amazed at how much sleeker it felt than the previous generation.

This is my first review where I  just felt that I  wanted to give you two pages (or more) of high resolution photographs. They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and with the new Nano those words could not be more fitting. The case of the Nano is now all anodised aluminium and is so nice to touch, a real smooth feel, no worries about fingerprints either, which is fantastic news. Colours have been introduced with the 2Gb model being available in silver only, the 4Gb being available in silver, green, blue and pink, and the new higher capacity 8Gb model in a sexy black. All have this wicked metallic look.

Back to the packaging a moment, before I  tell you even more about the latest Nano. I always trump on and on about the ‘Apple buying experience’ and yet again, unpacking this baby is no different, everything is packaged impeccably, the iPod lifts out and you are presented with two fold out pieces of card, which reveal a tiny quick start booklet, the new style headphones, usb connector and dock adapter. All so neatly positioned you wonder just how they do it.

Now, back to the Nano, and connecting it to my Mac for the first time presented me with a software update, which I  installed, then left it charging a little while before syncing with my iTunes application.
I  already own a 60Gb iPod myself, so my iTunes library is quite large, so when I connected the Nano, iTunes warned me that my library would not all fit and gave me the option of the application creating a Nano playlist for me, I took this option for speed and let iTunes select the songs for me. The actually capacity for files on the 4Gb silver model I am reviewing is 3.68Gb, the remainder being taken up with system files etc. So I  set the files transferring and it pushed 698 MP3’s across to the Nano in about 12 minutes, which to me is totally acceptable. I  made a few changes to the playlist and re-synced and was ready to play... to download the full review click here.

Product supplied by Apple UK.
Retail price: £129.00 (4Gb model)
Contact: 0800 039 1010
Link to product.

Tempo iPod Sports Wrap from Griffin

It gives me great pleasure to bring you the first full review from Geekanoids. If you are reading this on the website, towards the bottom of this article you will find a link to download the full review in PDF format, this is a free download for you to read, print and share with your friends.

On with the review, thanks to the kind people at Griffin Technology who sent us this ‘tempo’ sports wrap for the iPod Nano. It is also available in a larger option for the full size iPods.

The ‘tempo’ is made of a soft stretchy material, with a soft lined pocket for your Nano. Getting the Nano into the pocket is a little tricky, the fit is very snug, but once inside there is no danger of it slipping out. This is especially important if you plan to exercise whilst using your iPod. The plastic screen protector is ultra clear, so it does not degrade the image quality, so another thumbs up here.

Detailing on the ‘tempo’ is nice, with high visibility grey on either side of the iPod holder and a bright orange cord wrap, which is great for keeping your headphone cable nice and tidy. The grey detailing is also made of reflective type material, so car headlights will pick this up, a great safety feature if you run when it is dark.

Along the length of the armband there are multiple velcro patches... to download the full review click here.

Product supplied by Griffin Technology.
Contact: 615-399-7000
Link to product.