So Customer Service Really Does Matter

It shouldn't matter how much you spend, customer service is key. I say this time and time again, both in my videos and direct to businesses that ask my advice. You have to treat each and every customer you have as an 'important' individual, with both respect and fairness. One single person can share a great experience, which may result in hundreds of new sales. At the same time, that same person could share a bad experience, resulting in hundreds of potential new savvy consumers avoiding your brand. 

With the popularity of social networks, this is even more paramount. I should emphasise that anyone, no matter how many viewers or followers they have, should be treated equally. That said, it is prudent for a company to do their research before dishing out poor customer service. 

I am being kind here with my words. If I were to let loose, words like slow, impersonal, outside consumer law and downright crappy might slip out. Please do watch the video below for the full details. I gave Withings every chance to help and was very patient waiting for replies that sometimes took weeks between replies. Only to be met with no solution, other than a feeble discount offer to try and retain me as a customer. Their loss, my gain and it also gave me the chance to try another brand and my early experiences with Garmin tech support have been very good indeed.