Foursquare Explore for iOS rates places by check-in popularity, doesn't see stars

Gauging the quality of a restaurant or store through star ratings is often just slightly more reliable than picking blindfolded; one undercooked stir fry may tank the ratings for what's otherwise a stellar eatery. In that sense, Foursquare's revamped Explore for iOS users is a long-overdue replacement for an old concept. Rather than let the overly emotional guide our decisions, the update assigns ratings from a 10-point system based on how many people check in, how many are regulars and the number of tips or likes -- in short, the degree to which people actually like to visit. Imagine that. Foursquare hasn't said when Android and other platforms will see the Explore switchover, but it shouldn't be too long before everyone knows where the local hotspot is without a few exceptions spoiling the rule.

[Source: Engadget]