Foursquare 6.0 for iPhone improves Explore recommendations

This seems to be the week for social networking app news, withTwitter's Vine app taking most of the spotlight so far. Today's news is about Foursquare 6.0, which has just become available through the iOS App Store's software updates and was announced on the Foursquare blog.

Foursquare first came to life in 2009 as a way to check in at venues, see what your friends were up to, grab mayorships and hopefully get the occasional badge. Lately, the app has been more about exploring venues near you, thanks to its recommendations engine Explore. But starting out on that exploration wasn't easy to do. That's what the new update is fixing.

When launched, version 6.0 of Foursquare replaces the Foursquare logo at the top of the screen with a new Explore search box. That's tied to a new, faster auto-complete engine for faster results when you're looking for that cinnamon roll joint.

The big difference, though, is that Foursquare is no longer fixated on telling you where your friends are. Instead, it places an emphasis on recommendations, giving hints about places where people go after being at the same venue you're at, or providing insight into places friends like in a city you're visiting. The app exclusively recommends good lunch spots around lunchtime, a convenient way to stop going to the same old burger joint and go to a new burger joint.

One interesting move in the UI is that the check-in button has moved to the bottom of the app; apparently that means that Foursquare's recently introduced tap-and-hold-to-check-in function is working well. The button also floats above the listings, which is kind of an interesting and useful UI change.

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Evernote Food Updated to Include OpenTable Reservations and Foursquare Ratings

Evernote Food, Evernote's app dedicated to documenting cooking and dining experiences, was today updated to version 2.1. The release brings OpenTable reservations and Foursquare ratings to the universal app, allowing users to book seatings at restaurants within the app. 

In addition, users are now able to share recipes via Facebook, Twitter, or email, and new tag-based syncing capabilities have been implemented in the standard Evernote app. Recipes that are saved to Evernote can be synced with Evernote Food.

Evernote Food has a few other minor updates including improved search results and faster image uploads.

- Share recipes via Facebook, Twitter and email 

- OpenTable integration lets you make restaurant reservations from the app 
- See venue ratings from Foursquare 

- Upload images from other albums 
- Meal images load more quickly 

- Improved search results for recipes and meals 

- Various other bug fixes and performance improvements

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Foursquare gives business owners their own app to manage specials, track customer visits Mobile

Foursquare just recently tweaked its privacy policy to share more user information with local businesses, and it looks like it's already putting some of that data to use in a new app now that the policy has gone into effect. Launched today for the iPhone and iPod touch, Foursquare for Business is just that -- an app designed for business owners instead of customers. In addition to letting managers upload new photos and refresh their specials regularly, it'll also give them a peek into customer activity at their business (or businesses), including information on check-ins and the ability to keep an eye on their top customers. As Foursquare notes in its privacy policy, though, you can opt out of having that check-in information visible to businesses in the app's privacy settings.

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Garmin smartphone apps updated with Foursquare integration, location-sharing via Glympse

Garmin's StreetPilot Onboard and Navigon apps were recently updated to include public transport information and a parking finder, and a just-announced refresh will add even more navigational goodies: namely, integration with Foursquare and the location-sharing service Glympse. The Foursquare tie-in will help users find venues and access special deals -- and once a Foursquare account is linked, checking into locations can be done directly through the apps. Glympse, on the other hand, lets users share their location with contacts via email and text, with info on current location, ETA and even speed. Finally, the update brings iCloud support for syncing saved destinations across various Apple devices. Perhaps in light of the holiday hustle ahead of us, Garmin is offering the apps for 25 percent off until January 7th through App Store or Google Play. (Of course, the update is a free download for those who already have them.)

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Foursquare Explore for iOS rates places by check-in popularity, doesn't see stars

Gauging the quality of a restaurant or store through star ratings is often just slightly more reliable than picking blindfolded; one undercooked stir fry may tank the ratings for what's otherwise a stellar eatery. In that sense, Foursquare's revamped Explore for iOS users is a long-overdue replacement for an old concept. Rather than let the overly emotional guide our decisions, the update assigns ratings from a 10-point system based on how many people check in, how many are regulars and the number of tips or likes -- in short, the degree to which people actually like to visit. Imagine that. Foursquare hasn't said when Android and other platforms will see the Explore switchover, but it shouldn't be too long before everyone knows where the local hotspot is without a few exceptions spoiling the rule.

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Foursquare for Android updated for more social check-ins, shares club-hopping with the world

There's a good reason Foursquare has an Overshare badge. Still, that hasn't stopped the location service from rolling out an update to Android users that simplifies broadcasting your position to the world. The Android check-in screen now matches that of the iOS app with a more streamlined appearance that more quickly shares updates with Facebook and Twitter; mentioning friends is easier as well. As long as your social circle doesn't mind knowing that you checked into three different dance clubs in one night, Foursquare's update awaits at the source.

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Foursquare rolls out iPhone 5 / iOS 6 update, Explore gains more personalization options

Foursquare is on an update tear. Aside from the "Always On" feature it introduced recently, the company just rolled out a new iPhone update that lets users create more personalized maps. Compatible with iOS 6, the update improves upon the existing Explore map with a more tailored search experience -- you can map out places you haven't been, top destinations, favorite spots, or where your friends have checked in. The app also promises to be faster and to have an improved design that takes advantage of the iPhone 5's larger screen. The new update certainly goes along with the company's philosophy that Foursquare is a discovery and recommendations engine rather than just another social service. Let's just hope the new Apple Maps doesn't hamper that experience.

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