The Best Looking Phones of 2012

9L6A0206Let’s keep it realistic: mobile phones are much more than simple devices used to make phone calls. Let’s get even more realistic however, and declare that they’re even much more than tools used to play video games, watch videos, listen to music, and do whatever other functions now possible on our smartphones. Mobiles are fashion accessories, in every sense of the word. Now we’ve got that basic truth off our chest, it’s time to discern which models are the best looking of the year.


Sony Xperia S
If mobile phones were a woman, the Sony Xperia S would be a cross between Beyonce and Jennifer Anniston in their prime. Well that might look a little bit weird actually but I think you get my drift, for the phone is THAT good looking. 
The Sony Xperia S’s inventive mono-bloc style design is seductive to say the least, and its outer layer which comes in both silver and black delicately adds a strong touch of class to the model. This touch is further enhanced by the silver strip running across the phone near its bottom.


Samsung Galaxy SIII
Perhaps it’s the sheer aura of the phone due to its capabilities, or maybe it is the design that makes the phone’s capabilities seem that extra bit better. Either way, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has had people scouring mobile phone deals just to behold the device as if it’s some kind of treasure. 
It may very well be some kind of treasure, as it certainly looks like one. The phone’s white silver encasing represents something of extreme value and the blue version is just as – if not even more – beautiful. 
The only problem with the phone however, is that unlike the Sony Xperia S, it costs as expensive as it looks at some half a grand in pound sterling. Still, as Samsung will tell you, it costs money to look this good.


Admittedly, the HTC One X isn’t quite as attractive as the Galaxy SIII and Xperia S. However, this is more a credit to the other two, rather than a criticism of HTC’s One X. This phone just looks both neat and solid, which is a hard combination to pull off. 
With a back end just as attractive as its front, the One X is a phone that looks equally great in white and black, with a design that’s chic and stylish.