Smartphones – making our lives easier, every day

What is meant by a smartphone? 

A smartphone is a mobile phone that has multiple capabilities and possesses many of the same functions of a desktop computer. 

There are currently just under 7 billion mobile subscriptions worldwide, with smartphone subscriptions sitting at over 1 billion. The most popular are Android and iPhone smartphones, which contributed to 90% of smartphone sales in 2013. 

What are the key developments in smartphone improvements?

Some of the key developments in smartphones over the years include faster processors, increased camera resolution, increased variety, bigger storage space and larger screens. 

Have they become smarter since they were first released?

Certainly. Smartphones have rapidly developed and improved since their inception in 1996, and continue to make people’s lives easier with each new development. The smartphone market is heavily competitive, with each operating system designed to support quicker and better features than the smartphones before. 

Let’s take a look at the history and development of the BlackBerry smartphone. The first BlackBerry smartphone was developed in 2003, and it has been a transformative presence in the world of communication, drastically improving the way people communicate and the technology capabilities of smartphones. 

When the BlackBerry smartphone was introduced, the possibility of sending and receiving emails on a smartphone was realised. It also enabled web browsing, thereby opening up a whole new platform of possibilities and options for users. People were no longer limited to accessing the internet on their desktops, and could now connect to the internet wherever they were, at whatever time they chose. 

These are some of the improvements BlackBerry has made over the years:


  • The improvement of third party apps, which means that apps can run faster. For example, if you are a fan of mobile casinos, you can download Royal Vegas Casinos Online quicker and easier than ever before 
  • The short battery life of smartphones is a thorn in the side of many smartphone users. However, the battery life of the BlackBerry has seen over 60 battery saving improvements since 2003 so that users can enjoy longer usage. 
  • Increased camera resolution 
  • A perfect example of the improvement of smartphone features is the Blackberry Z10. It has a 4.2 inch screen, USB and HDMI connectivity, a dual core processor of 1.5 GHz and an 8 megapixel camera as well as 2GB of RAM


Android 4.4 KitKat rumored to bring greatly improved TV user experience

After smartphones, Google may be looking at smart TVs as the next growth engine for Android.

ETNews, a Korean IT portal, reports that the next version of Android will be more suitable for running on large screen devices. Industry sources told the publication that Google has worked to improve the user experience of Android on TVs, the interface between smart TVs and mobile devices, as well as the “app development environment for TV...

Read the full story here... Source: Android Authority

Analysts & Reviewers NOT using products before commenting!

It goes without saying, that everyone is a reviewer nowadays. However, more & more often many companies publish reviews, or analysts pass judgement on products with very little hands-on time with them. If you are interested in follow the topic that really needs addressing, you can see the conversation below.

Getting the Right Smartphone for Your Business

Smartphones have become the most common types of mobile phones owned by consumers around the world. These devices also have become the most common phone used by those in the business world. With numerous applications for their use, smartphones can allow business professionals to conduct a myriad of business activities anywhere. All smartphones are not created equal. Many have similar aspects but there are also many differences that set some parts from others. Having the right smartphone makes a tremendous difference in what a business professional can do. Therefore, when choosing a smartphone to use for business some things must be considered.

Smartphones can perform many business tasks due to the applications created for the operating system. The number or apps can vary depending upon the operating system the phone uses. For instance, iPhones and Android devices have the most apps available for their use. Some apps can help with managing customer relations. Others can help perform billing and credit card processing. Another helpful app permits the synchronization of data between one’s smartphone and personal computer. If you want a smartphone to do many tasks, then you may consider an iPhone or Android smartphone.

When conducting business, many people must travel overseas or to other countries. If you do not select the correct smartphone, you may find your phone inoperable when abroad. A GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications phone may be the better option than choosing a CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) phone. Generally, GSM is accepted in more places around the world. Also, along with business travel, make sure the carrier you select has 24 hour customer service. When traveling, you will be in different time zones so the times you may need help will vary. You can find some great Orange, Samsung and vodafone pay monthly deals, perfect for a suitable smartphone for your business needs and with Phones 4 U, they make it easy to compare various phones to help make choosing easier.

Samsung rumored to be launching enormous smartphone with ridiculous name in Europe

Leak season continues, and we're back with Samsung this time around. Sammobile, a usually reliable source of all things Samsung, claims to have received word of a 5.8 inch smartphone from the Korean OEM destined for Europe. The reported name is, ready for this? The Samsung Galaxy Fonblet. 

The device is said to be loosely based around the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 PMP that was launched in Korea, only with cellular capabilities. The Galaxy Player 5.8 has a qHD display, and a 3MP rear camera. The bad news is that Sammobile claims the Fonblet is supposed to have the same display. So we're not looking at a high-end, Note 2 beating device. Additionally, it's expected to have dual-sim capabilities -- suggesting emerging European markets might be the target here -- and will come in white. Feels a lot like parts recycling though, if we're honest.

[Source: AndroidCentral]

Sharp begins production of 1080p display for smartphones: 443 ppi crammed into a 5-inch LCD

Layoffs and loans may be dominating our Sharp coverage at the moment, but that just makes this type of news all the sweeter. The company has announced its LCD panel type 5 -- a 5-inch full HD (1,920 x 1,080) display packing a Retina-busting 443 ppi (just trumping LG's similar 440 ppi LCD). An outcome of its layer-reducing CG-Silicon technology, the smartphone-targeted screen goes into full-scale production this month and will be shown off at CEATEC Japan this very week. We'll try to give it eyes-on treatment at the show, but you can rub your hands together sinisterly in the meantime and just think about the glorious devices which will bear it.

[Source: Engadget]

Samsung offering new Galaxy customers up to $300 for old handsets

Samsung is offering new Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II, and Galaxy Note customers up to $300 cashback in exchange for trading in old handsets. Dubbed Samsung Upgrade, the deal is currently available via the company's US Facebook page, where users are able to get an automatic quote for devices from every major manufacturer before submitting proof of purchase to Samsung. After receiving and verifying the old handset, Samsung will send out a check for its agreed value.

[Source: To read the full article visit The Verge]

Kantar On Smartphones: Samsung 45% Of Euro Sales; Apple Gained Only In UK, US; RIM Holds On In France

We have seen reports from Strategy Analytics, IDC and Canalys detailing how many smartphones that handset makers shipped in the last quarter (the takeaway: Android is still on top, with Samsung the chief benefactor); today, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, WPP’s market analytics business, has released its rolling monthly update on how that translates into on-the-ground sales in some of the biggest markets in the world. The results give more weight to Samsung’s current domination; and underscore how important it is for Apple to “wow” the market next month with the launch of a new handset.


[Source: To read the full article visit Tech Crunch]

The Best Looking Phones of 2012

9L6A0206Let’s keep it realistic: mobile phones are much more than simple devices used to make phone calls. Let’s get even more realistic however, and declare that they’re even much more than tools used to play video games, watch videos, listen to music, and do whatever other functions now possible on our smartphones. Mobiles are fashion accessories, in every sense of the word. Now we’ve got that basic truth off our chest, it’s time to discern which models are the best looking of the year.


Sony Xperia S
If mobile phones were a woman, the Sony Xperia S would be a cross between Beyonce and Jennifer Anniston in their prime. Well that might look a little bit weird actually but I think you get my drift, for the phone is THAT good looking. 
The Sony Xperia S’s inventive mono-bloc style design is seductive to say the least, and its outer layer which comes in both silver and black delicately adds a strong touch of class to the model. This touch is further enhanced by the silver strip running across the phone near its bottom.


Samsung Galaxy SIII
Perhaps it’s the sheer aura of the phone due to its capabilities, or maybe it is the design that makes the phone’s capabilities seem that extra bit better. Either way, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has had people scouring mobile phone deals just to behold the device as if it’s some kind of treasure. 
It may very well be some kind of treasure, as it certainly looks like one. The phone’s white silver encasing represents something of extreme value and the blue version is just as – if not even more – beautiful. 
The only problem with the phone however, is that unlike the Sony Xperia S, it costs as expensive as it looks at some half a grand in pound sterling. Still, as Samsung will tell you, it costs money to look this good.


Admittedly, the HTC One X isn’t quite as attractive as the Galaxy SIII and Xperia S. However, this is more a credit to the other two, rather than a criticism of HTC’s One X. This phone just looks both neat and solid, which is a hard combination to pull off. 
With a back end just as attractive as its front, the One X is a phone that looks equally great in white and black, with a design that’s chic and stylish.


How can I increase my productivity with a Smartphone?

With Angry Birds, Draw Something and countless other games at your finger tips, not to mention an opportunity to text, tweet and call your friends, you might think smartphones are nothing but a distraction. But why are so many companies so keen to shell out on sparkling new phones for their employees? 

The truth is there are as many uses for a Smartphone that increase your productivity. And, whether you are a student or a stockbroker, you can harness your phone’s multitude of functions to make your life easier. 

From Microsoft Office software to offline web readers, there are hundreds of apps you can download to help you through your day. With such a range available, you can customize your phone to provide a number of different functions that perfectly suit you. Many are free, and the others are very affordable, so it is not costly to try out a number of different options before settling on the best fit.

Working on the go
It is worth recognizing that the basic essentials of working on the go are just as vital to your productivity as the flashier stuff a Smartphone can do. The latest Samsung or iPhone deals with the basic essentials of working and staying in touch on the go in an intuitive manner. Calling, texting and emailing has never been easier, meaning we can all stay better connected and more responsive.

For most phone users, the biggest advance made by smartphones was in the quality of the mobile Internet browsing experience. But the iPhone does not just make it easier to go online on your phone. Thanks to tethering, user are able to access the Internet on your laptop while you are out of the range of, or unable to access other wireless connections. Now that your mobile and wireless dongle come in the same package you don’t have to worry about carrying another piece of technology around, and you can negotiate better data packages for your packages. Make sure you mention tethering when get your next iPhone deals.

As well as a basic phone, text and email functions, mobile phones have featured calendars and address books for donkey’s year. Smartphones have taken these to the next level with the ease with which they can be synchronised with other computers and devices. Late alterations to meetings and changes to clients’ email addresses can be made while you are away from your desk without leaving you out of the loop.

It all works together
While you might be able to find a range of products and software that can replicate all the different functions your Smartphone provides, a major advantage of having it all in one package is that everything is designed to work together. By combining your phone, emails, voice recorder, calendar and the many different apps you can download, you can minimise the frustrations that technology can unfortunately lead to, and the downtime that tech failures create.