BlackBerry Z10 Shows Up in U.K. Store Hours Before Official Launch

RIM’s next great hope, BlackBerry 10, is about to be uncaged and let loose. In the meantime, devices running the company’s new OS, like the much rumored and often leaked Z10, is already out in the wild at one U.K. store. It looks exactly as we expected it to look.

The picture comes from a Twitter user at a Phone4U store, where the device will likely be on sale in a matter of hours. An earlier Vodafone leak suggested the Z10 would launch today. 

The tipster said Phones4U also has the white one in stock, and that both are set to go on sale at 5 p.m. However, spots such as Carphone Warehouse only got black models of the Z10 in—white models aren’t expected to show up until Feb. 15.

[Source: TechnoBuffalo]