Samsung Galaxy S4 revealed in first official image

This is it, folks: the first actual, official, honest-to-goodness glimpse of theSamsung Galaxy S4 -- albeit in tantalising moody backlighting.

This is the first teaser to actually show the phone, after a series of videos featured only ablonde-mopped tyke and a glowing box. And it seems the leaked photos spotted yesterday could be closer to reality than we thought, as the teaser shows the S4 sporting curved corners and a slim bezel. It would be fair to say that it looks almost identical to the S3 -- from what we can see at least.

"The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun," declares Samsung from its US Twitter account. "Who's ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?"

Unpacked takes place late on Thursday in UK time, and there's no UK press event. Coupled with the use of the American Twitter account, the S4 launch is clearly focused on the US market -- which suggests our colonial cousins will be the first to get the new phone. Fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long for the S4 to cross the pond.

Fortunately, we're not going to let a little thing like an ocean come between us and the hottest phone of the year, so we've dispatched our buddies at CNET's American starbase to the New York launch event. Keep it for the first news, previews and videos of the Galaxy S4.

[Source: CNET]