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The Samsung Galaxy S4 on superfast 4GEE, featuring the world's first Full HD Super AMOLED display, Smart Pause, Group Play, Story Album, S Health, and Air Gesture. 

We're EE and we've brought you the UK's first superfast 4G mobile network, together with Fibre Broadband. Whether you're streaming HD TV, live multiplayer gaming, or watching a film, it'll be superfast, at home or on the go. Check out full details here.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be King of the Smartphones

The race has been going on for years … which smartphone would be the thinnest? the fastest? or perhaps highest resolution camera? And for 2013 it seems to be all about the screen resolution. With many smartphones all launching with 1920x1080 full HD resolution screens, what could be next?

At the end of April 2013 we will see the Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, it is fast, has a a nice camera and a full HD screen to top it off. I personally remember when Samsung announced it. With their tongue on cheek presentation they showed us Smart Pause, where the video you are watching pauses when you look away. Next up is Air View & Gesture, where you greasy fingers do not even need to touch the screen to navigate your way around. And then we have S Health which tracks your activity, daily food intake and weight … promising a fitter you.

These features are just a few of the many new enhancements which I termed gimmicks when I first saw them. However, we all need to take a step back and think, what else could Samsung do to move this type of technology forward? And I think they are brave in trying to give us some really unique features. OK, so everyone will use S Translator every day, but if you find yourself in a foreign country, perhaps on holiday, you will be glad to have it at your disposal. I strongly believe that all manufacturers are beginning to realise that things like a high megapixel camera on a tiny phone sensor is not a cutting edge feature. Rest assured, when they react to the Galaxy S4 you will see them all squashing in tonnes of new features to their 2014 products. By then, Samsung may well have the lead that they need to take the top spot in this sector.

As with every new smartphone launch, a good selection of accessories always follow and one that caught my eye is official View Cover. Without even opening the cover you can see the current time & useful notifications, the contrasting colour of the display peeping through is awesome and… it looks very sexy too.

By now you should now that I try new smartphones out practically every day. I am an avid iPhone user, but have been tempted away with the likes of the Lumia 920 and a couple of years back, the Blackberry Bold 9900. I feel very strongly that Apple need to react to their competitors smartphones, with their lovely high res large screens. The App argument is no longer an issue either (at least where Google Android is concerned). With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4… of course I will be testing & reviewing it. Who knows, if it delivers on performance, as I am sure it will, the SGS4 might find its way into my pocket and if it does the View Cover is mine too.

Samsung Galaxy S4 eight-core chip production delay reported

Only a handful of new Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phones could boast eight-core power when it goes on sale this month. And the UK's phones will be among a reported 70 per cent of the first S4s to be quad-core instead.

It was revealed this week that the S4 will be quad-core in the UK and not eight-core as anticipated. Korean source ETNews reports Samsung simply hasn't been able to make enough Exynos chips to fill the millions of S4 phones it's expecting to sell.

According to ETNews' unconfirmed sources, Samsung has enough of its new Exynos 5 Octa chips for just 30 per cent of phones in the first batch to go on sale, thanks to purported hitches in the production process.

The other 70 per cent are set to be powered by Qualcomm-built quad-core chips. The quad-core version contains a Snapdragon 600 CPU, still a muscular processor... but four ain't eight by anybody's maths, and it certainly isn't the promised next generation smart phone Samsung promised.

The eight-core Exynos processor contains a Cortex-A7 with four cores clocked at 1.2GHz, drawing less power for everyday tasks. Then when things get hectic with intensive tasks such as fast-paced 3D gaming or videos, the S4 rolls up its sleeves and seamlessly switches to a second Cortex-A15 chip with four cores clocked at a faster speed.

The S4 goes on sale on 26 April. What isn't clear is how Samsung will highlight whether each S4 is quad-core or octo-core, or indeed whether there'll be any demarcation at all. But for the moment it appears to be academic, as Samsung hasn't revealed when -- or, whisper it, if -- the UK will get all eight cores. If these reports are correct, it could be a while before we see an eight-core S4, if at all.

[Source: CNET]

Galaxy S4 most pre-registered phone ever, UK retailer boasts

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has seen the highest number of pre-registrations ever, according to phone retailer Carphone Warehouse.

A tingling sensation in our spines told us that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would prove popular, but Carphone Warehouse's claims of a record-shattering pre-registration period lend credence to our vertebral intuition.

Pre-registration means sticking your details into Carphone Warehouse's online form, which puts you on a list to receive news on when the Galaxy S4 becomes available to order. The high-street phone-flogger says the Galaxy S4 has received four times as many registrations as theGalaxy S3 did last year -- a 446 per cent increase.

Registrations were counted in the four days following the S4's official unveiling. I've asked for specific numbers, and how those figures compare with pre-release interest in last year's iPhone 5, and I'll update this story if I hear anything.

The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch, 1080p display and a thinner, lighter casing than its predecessor. It's jam-packed with new software features, though its similarity to the Galaxy S3 hasn't been well received by everyone. You can see exactly how the S4 compares with its forebear in the video embedded below, and be sure to check out our S4 comparison, featuring rival phones from Apple, Nokia, HTC and Google.

[Source: CNET]

Samsung Galaxy S4 second teaser video lands

Squee-bloop wheee-eee! Parp the Samsung Galaxy 4 teaser bagpipes, because there's a new official video heralding the coming of the year's most eagerly awaited new smart phone.

Continuing on from the first teaser, there's no sign of the phone itself, as a moppet bafflingly chosen to see the phone first attempts to hide it from prying eyes.

In the first episode, mop-topped Richie Rich-type rich kid Jeremy Maxwell was inexplicably handed the S4, peeking into a box that glowed with an eerie light.

Heading home, Jezzer encounters a curious ladychild and hides in his room for a closer look at the new device. "It's my favourite colour... it's unreal. Totally amazing!" coos the precocious phone-fondler. Are the Oreos a clue that the phone will come in black and white, as rumoured?

[Source: CNET - Click here to read more]

Samsung Galaxy S4 revealed in first official image

This is it, folks: the first actual, official, honest-to-goodness glimpse of theSamsung Galaxy S4 -- albeit in tantalising moody backlighting.

This is the first teaser to actually show the phone, after a series of videos featured only ablonde-mopped tyke and a glowing box. And it seems the leaked photos spotted yesterday could be closer to reality than we thought, as the teaser shows the S4 sporting curved corners and a slim bezel. It would be fair to say that it looks almost identical to the S3 -- from what we can see at least.

"The countdown for #TheNextBigThing has begun," declares Samsung from its US Twitter account. "Who's ready for the Global Unpacked Event on March 14?"

Unpacked takes place late on Thursday in UK time, and there's no UK press event. Coupled with the use of the American Twitter account, the S4 launch is clearly focused on the US market -- which suggests our colonial cousins will be the first to get the new phone. Fingers crossed we won't have to wait too long for the S4 to cross the pond.

Fortunately, we're not going to let a little thing like an ocean come between us and the hottest phone of the year, so we've dispatched our buddies at CNET's American starbase to the New York launch event. Keep it for the first news, previews and videos of the Galaxy S4.

[Source: CNET]