Moto X through Glass: Motorola exec filmed using the Moto X by Robert Scoble

We’re really psyched about the Moto X here at AA, so when a rumor spread that the device would be shown off to a select group of journalists on July 11, we were pretty curious to learn more.

Naturally, the event hosted by Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki was private, but that didn’t stop one of the guests from posting a video of singer Daria Musk giving an impromptu performance for the gathering. The guest is Robert Scoble, whom you may know as an uber-geek and a noted fan of Google’s wearable computer Glass, which he used to record the video.

What’s interesting about the video, which Scoble posted on his Google Plus profile, is that the Moto X, the phone that the entire tech community eagerly awaits, makes a surprise appearance in the hands of a Motorola executive...

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