Moto X Cyber Monday deal on hold as MotoMaker website goes down

One of the most interesting Cyber Monday deals out there was the $349 off-contract Moto X offer announced by Motorola a few days ago, but interested customers were not able to complete their purchases as the company’s MotoMaker website caved under traffic pressure...

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Design duel: iPhone 5S takes the Moto X

It's not easy to design a good-looking phone. A quick comparison between the iPhone 5S and Moto X shows why.

While beauty is subjective, some designs are clearly better than others. The HTC One is gorgeous by most accounts, including CNET Reviews' take.

And the Samsung Galaxy S4 is obviously a looker for many.

The Moto X -- which I recently picked up from Verizon -- is another decent design; CNET Reviews calls it "well-crafted."

I wouldn't disagree with that assessment. But an iPhone it is not...

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T-Mobile Moto X to be available only from the Google Play Store?

A leaked image seems to suggest that the T-Mobile Moto X version will be available only from the Google Play Store, although nothing is official just yet.

TmoNews has posted a purported T-Mobile screenshot that says the Moto X will be launched via “Google Play only,” with the actual launch date still “TBD” – to be decided. Pricing details for the handset aren’t mentioned either...

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Moto X rolling out to other carriers in just a few days

The Moto X launched on AT&T today, even though the MotoMaker can’t be used online just yet, but Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint don’t have the device available yet, which raises an important question: when will they have it available?

Well, according to Motorola’s Punit Soni, it shouldn’t be very long from now. In fact, it could be as early as next week. In his Google+ post, he mentioned that “other carrier versions rolling out..."

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Minting a Moto X is fun, but not yet magical

Don't expect to be blown away by Moto Maker, the fresh online tool for creating unique Moto X phones with built-to-order designs. While its personal customization skills are a very cool differentiator and definitely help the handset stand out in a sea of smartphones, Moto Maker's tweaking options are somewhat limited...

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Why the Moto X Google Play edition doesn’t make much sense right now

Motorola announced a few days ago the highly anticipated Moto X handset, and revealed that a Google Play edition of the device will be available in due time, directly from its Google Play Store. But is that really a good thing?

At first, one could think that it makes perfect sense for Google to have a Nexus-like Moto X in the Play Store, but that may not necessarily be the case...

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Moto X software: it’s aware of you, so you should be aware of it

The Moto X is finally here. We knew quite a bit ahead of time, but now that it’s official, we can talk about it… officially.

The hardware is definitely not top of the line, but the workaround for that is software. If you have a phone in which the software takes great advantage of the hardware, it forgives the shortcomings quite a bit. So, how will the Moto X take asdvantage of the hardware? Waht software feature(s) will set it apart? The answer is one you probably already know.

Contextual awareness, or creepiness?

Android 4.2.2 backs everything up, and it’s a strong base layer for everything that’s going on here. Most importantly, the contextual awareness is there. Our initial reactions to that feature were wonderful. Now that we know the phone will learn your voice exclusively, the contextual application appeals to us much more. People won’t be able to accidentally activating your device, and kids in the car won’t have another way to bug you from the back seat.

The Moto X is always listening, too. That’s really good for a hands-free environment, like driving a car or riding a bike, but some find that a bit creepy. Fortunately, it seems to be activated by those key words of “Okay, Google Now”. So, you can curse drivers on your bike, and the Moto X won’t necessarily know you’re blaspheming all over the city.

The Camera

Many reports on the camera software note it’s terribly stripped down, and that settings are somewhat hidden. This is because the device is meant to capture all of your moments, and quickly. A simplified UI for a camera would allow for quick shots, and the “shake to take” feature is also helpful for that. We haven’t seen much from the camera yet, but we’ll be sure to give it a thorough overhaul in our review.

Soft on software

If you’re going to have limited hardware, you’re going to need good software to make it appealing. Motorola has done that much, with a very slight skin over Android and a really nice contextual twinge. There is enough about this one to question, and camera UIs are subjective, but the software seems to fall in line with the real aim of the device: simple, and simply useful.

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Moto X: The first true anti-iPhone

The iPhone 5 may have found its polar opposite in Moto X.

For better or worse, Moto X -- which was unveiled Thursday -- is everything the iPhone is not. Rather than a tightly controlled look and feel for the device, Motorola will let customers tweak the colors and materials. Instead of the latest specifications, Moto X employs a solid -- but not cutting-edge -- set of hardware features. Instead of a proprietary operating system built for one device, it runs on an open platform available to hundreds of other phones.

"This is the blueprint for where Motorola and Google are going to go from here," said Ramon Llamas, an analyst at IDC.

While Moto X can be considered the anti-iPhone, it is not is an "iPhone killer." Despite the gratuitous use of that title over the last few years, the iPhone has not been felled by any device, and Motorola's latest won't be that lucky phone...

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Moto X through Glass: Motorola exec filmed using the Moto X by Robert Scoble

We’re really psyched about the Moto X here at AA, so when a rumor spread that the device would be shown off to a select group of journalists on July 11, we were pretty curious to learn more.

Naturally, the event hosted by Motorola adviser Guy Kawasaki was private, but that didn’t stop one of the guests from posting a video of singer Daria Musk giving an impromptu performance for the gathering. The guest is Robert Scoble, whom you may know as an uber-geek and a noted fan of Google’s wearable computer Glass, which he used to record the video.

What’s interesting about the video, which Scoble posted on his Google Plus profile, is that the Moto X, the phone that the entire tech community eagerly awaits, makes a surprise appearance in the hands of a Motorola executive...

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