iPhone 5S new graphite colour revealed in leak video

For your second helping of iPhone 5S leakery today -- after this morning's specs sheet -- we have this in-depth hands-on video, courtesy of deal-finders uSwitch.com.

It's a slightly odd 'reveal', because as the presenter explains, they've basically sourced all the components needed to make an iPhone 5S and then put them together. The bits don't all match, so it has a white front and a new black and grey back -- from a new 'graphite' colour option, which will supposedly replace the standard black iPhone...

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Did Google just leak the Nexus 5 in KitKat promo vid?

Last night, Google announced KitKat, the next version of its Android operating system. To mark the occasion, it released a video showing the unveiling of the new statue, but what's this? Eagle-eyed phone fans over at Android Policespotted a new Nexus blower in the vid. Could it be the Nexus 5...

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iPhone 5S Front-Facing Camera Leaks Again

Just last week we published a story that included photos of several alleged parts of the iPhone 5S. Now, NoWhereElse has published a new image that reportedly shows us a glimpse of the front-facing camera module. The photos apparently first surfaced on a Japanese retailer’s website, and NoWhereElse says the part design “differs greatly from that of theiPhone 5.”

That could suggest that we’ll see a different industrial design with the iPhone 5S, although history tells us that it will maintain the same exact body as the iPhone 5. It’s possible that Apple’s just tweaking how it lays out the innards of the phone, perhaps to make room for other hardware changes.

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More 'iPad 5' Cases Surface Showing Smaller and Thinner Design

With both front and rear casing parts and several case designs for the fifth-generation iPad having surfaced over the past several months, we are starting to get a very good idea of how Apple is drawing on design cues from the iPad mini to design a thinner and narrower full-size iPad. 

Building on this concept of an iPad mini-inspired design, several more cases have appeared today offering a additional glimpses at what we might be able to expect from the next iPad.

iPad 5 case (left) and iPad 4 case (right)

The first set of images comes from case maker Tactus, which shows cases for both the current iPad and the fifth-generation model, with a clear plastic mockup of the fifth-generation model showing how its features would mimic those of the iPad mini. 

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Alleged Parts for Upcoming iPhone Leak Again, Mute Switch to Become Push Button?

Several weeks ago, photos of a pair of parts alleged to be from the iPhone 5S surfaced through a Japanese parts vendor. The parts included a flex cable for the device's home button and a second flex cable housing the vibrator and volume/mute controls. 

Another Japanese parts vendor, iLab Factory, has now posted a new set of photosshowing not only those two parts but also a third flex cable that appears to house the device's front camera. iLab Factory points out that these parts may be from the iPhone 5S but could alternatively be from Apple's rumored lower-cost iPhone. 

Vibrator/audio control flex cable for iPhone 5S or lower-cost iPhone
One interesting item of note that we neglected to point out in our previous report relates to the vibrator/volume control flex cable. The part contains a strip of three buttons to run along the edge of the device, corresponding to the locations of the two volume buttons and the mute switch on previous iPhone models. But on this part, all three features appear to be buttons, suggesting that this upcoming iPhone may see the mute switch become a push button. 

iPhone 5 audio control cable with mute switch boxed in red (Source: iFixit)
iLab Factory also notes that the vibrator in this part uses a dual-head design, which is distinct from the iPhone 5 vibrator design, although it is unclear what may have prompted the change. 

The other two parts shared by iLab Factory reveal little information, with the home button flex cable appearing essentially identical to the previously seen part except for a part number change from 821-1684-01 to 821-1684-02. These parts do, however, contain a significantly longer cable than seen on the corresponding iPhone 5 part. 

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Facebook Home software leaks, try it out early

If you want to go Home early, now's your chance: a pre-release version of Facebook Home has leaked to turn your Android phone into a photo-liking, status-updating machine.

Facebook Home is software that completely replaces the interface on your Android phone, loading your friends' photos, posts and status updates on your homescreen. The software is showcased on the HTC First phone, but you'll be able to download it for a range of Android phones.

And ahead of the official launch, MoDaCo has pulled an early version of the software from the ROM of the HTC First, consisting of three APKs.

There's the main Facebook app, codenamed 'katana'; the Messenger app, codenamed 'orca', which integrates with your text messages; and a launcher shell app codenamed 'home'. To try out the pre-release software, including the floating head Chat Heads feature, you need to completely uninstall the existing Facebook app. The leaked software works on phones with a resolution lower than 1,280 x 768 -- and, as ever, you mess with the dark arts of leaked pre-release software at your own risk.

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Nokia Lumia 928 leaks, thinner than the 920

A new Nokia is on the cards, and this one promises to strip the Lumia 920 of its flagship status. Called the Lumia 928, it's leaked via the@evleaks Twitter account, and it's a slightly tweaked version of the 920.

The 928 is heading for US network Verizon, so I don't know whether us Brits will ever see it on these shores. Still, we can hope…

So what's changed from the Lumia 920? The two look very similar, but the 928 has a longer flash on the back. It'll also be slightly thinner, measuring 10.2mm at its thinnest point and 11.2mm at its thickest, with a slightly curved back, according to The Verge. Instead of an LCD screen, the 928 will sport a 4.5-inch OLED jobby. Other than that, the specs are near identical, with a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 32GB of storage, and 1GB of RAM. Good stuff.

The Lumia 928 will eschew an aluminium frame in favour of a thinner polycarbonate one. It'll also reportedly have a new xenon flash as well as the same LED one as found on the 920. Lighting your snaps shouldn't be an issue, then.

It's expected to go on sale in the US later this month, but as I say, there's no word on whether it'll find its way across the pond.

The Lumia 920 earned itself a highly commendable four out of five stars in our review. But that's not as good as the wallet-friendly Lumia 620, which scored four and a half. Proof you don't need to spend big to get a decent smart phone.

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Mystery Nokia device leaks, new Asha incoming?

Now this is a bit of a head-scratcher. A mystery new Nokia device has leaked online, but there's no word of what it is, or when we'll see it.

It comes from the usually reliable @evleaks Twitter account. All @evleaks says on the matter is, "remember that Nokia Asha design language preview?" This is a hint that there could well be another budget smart phone winging its way here soon.

From the image we can see the handset will come in a selection of colours, just like Nokia'sLumia range. It looks like it's running the Windows Phone operating system, though it's on the lock screen, so there's no sign of the Live Tiles. Other than that, there's not much to go on. The date on the phone's screen is given as 17 August 2012, which could be when the handset was conceived.

Traditionally Nokia Asha handsets have fared pretty poorly in our reviews. The Asha 302 was the most recent one we got our hands on, but it suffered from a lack of a touchscreen and the fiddly Series 40 software. Still, not as bad as the Asha 306, which comes with no 3G and a price that's not even all that low. Let's hope Nokia can pull its socks up. Using Microsoft's Windows Phone software instead of Series 40 would be a good start.

Just recently, Nokia boss Stephen Elop said the company was focused on "taking [Windows Phone] to lower and lower prices", and that its budget Windows Phone blowers would "over time compete with Android". It's got quite a fight on its hands, considering Android's star player is theNexus 4, which manages decent specs and the latest software for not much money at all.

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Black HTC One leaks ahead of Tuesday's launch

Another day, another HTC One leak. This time we get a look at the handset in black, courtesy of Unwired View.

Design-wise, it looks identical to the silver model we already spied. The images on the screen are different too, with this one listing New York as the home city, whereas the silver one had London. HTC will hold events in both London and New York on Tuesday, so expect to see the phone launched then.

HTC has opted for a two-button layout below the screen, while most handsets that runAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean -- like the Nexus 4 -- have three. Or maybe the HTC logo could double as a button.

HTC has punted out numerous teasers concerning the One. Here are the videos spliced together in a 20-second clip, viaPhone Arena.

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Is this the first real glimpse of the Samsung Galaxy S4?

What is supposedly the first press shot of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has emerged online.

The photo was first published by Sam Mobile, which claims to have received it from an "insider at Samsung", who was unable to provide any further detail on the Galaxy SIV. Unsurprisingly, we're approaching this with plenty of caution after the deluge of fake snaps of the Samsung Galaxy S3– just take a look at our gallery.

The big talking point is the missing home button - will Samsung really do away with the physical button given that it has remained a Samsung staple even on its most recent handsets such as the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Premier?



Credit: SamMobile

Although the design of the phone shown here is very similar to that of the Galaxy S3, the screen appears elongated compared to the older phone suggesting we'll see onscreen Android keys – something which Google has wanted manufacturers to adopt even since Ice Cream Sandwich was launched.

We're not holding out any hope that this is the real deal as the image could easily have been faked, but this will surely open the floodgates to more images claiming to show Samsung Galaxy S4 over the coming months.

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Apple leaked iOS 5 "Automatic Downloads"

Some will say "Finally", some wont really see a difference but to most it will be a feature that they will benefit from. Apple have leaked a feature of iOS 5 and the corisponding version of iTunes, Automatic Downloads, which means no longer will you have to manually update your apps, it will do it itself in the background, lets just hope theres a setting to only download over WiFi. 

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