iOS 6 gets official debut on the iPhone 5: Maps, Passbook, iCloud Tabs and more

Now that the iPhone 5 is officially out of the bag, it's time to talk software. Apple hasn't exactly kept its cards close to its chest in regards to iOS 6: Cupertino teased the software at WWDC, letting us in on the direct Facebook integration, the new Maps application, Passbook and "Do Not Disturb" in the process. Today the OS gets official, and Scott Forstall demoed the software on the iPhone 5.

Not too much new here, but the software is out of its beta phase and ready to ship. One of the most hyped additions to iOS 6 has been the Maps application, which includes Siri navigation, 3D building view and satellite imagery. In Safari, there's now a full-screen mode and you'll be able to share tabs from your desktop with your phone (dubbed iCloud Tabs). We're also seeing Passbook in action once again, bringing up a plane ticket at the lockscreen when you get to the airport, for example. One new thing here: Delta is confirmed as a partner for this digital ticket service.

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YouTube app removed from iOS 6 but not iOS 5 and older; Google working on a standalone version

Apple just got in touch with us regarding the removal of the YouTube app in the latest beta of iOS 6, and while it wouldn't say much, it did confirm the obvious: it's not there for a reason. The licensing deal it had with Google "has ended, but users can still use YouTube via the Safari web app." The company did affirm, however, that Google "is working" on another version -- presumably a standalone app that'll have to survive the same App Store approval process as Google Drive, Gmail for iOS and the rest of the bunch.

Interestingly, we were told that the YouTube app "would remain on iOS 5 and older," and that includes iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Granted, the amount of iOS 5 users will dip dramatically in the months following iOS 6's release this fall, but it leaves open the question of compatibility -- will the forthcoming YouTube app for iOS 6 be installable on iOS 5 and older?

All things considered, it's probably a good thing for consumers. Yes, it's another play by Apple to distance itself from its biggest mobile OS rival (Maps, anyone?), but it also gives Google the chance to reimagine the YouTube app, and perhaps even design it to showcase a great mobile experience around the company's huge original content push. Apple wouldn't comment on the status of Google's new YouTube app, nor would it speak to whether or not it had even been submitted for approval, but we're guessing the clock watchers know that September 12th is drawing near.

Update: A YouTube spokesperson has provided us with the following quote: "We are working with Apple to ensure we have the best possible YouTube experience for iOS users." Not much to go on, really, but reassuring that the company's actively forging ahead with a new effort. Something tells us it'll take every opportunity to trumpet the awesomeness of its standalone app after being quietly pushed / left out of the latest iOS 6 beta.

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Apple leaked iOS 5 "Automatic Downloads"

Some will say "Finally", some wont really see a difference but to most it will be a feature that they will benefit from. Apple have leaked a feature of iOS 5 and the corisponding version of iTunes, Automatic Downloads, which means no longer will you have to manually update your apps, it will do it itself in the background, lets just hope theres a setting to only download over WiFi. 

[Source : MacRumors

More claims of 'Deep integration' of Twitter in iOS 5

Earlier this week various Tech Blogs have reported that Apple plan to intergrate Twitter much deeper in their iOS, going as far as to have it as a standard feature within the iOS. For regular twitter users this seems like great news as it would mate the App much more seamless and maybe abit more reliable, but many fear that for none regular users, its just going to be another icon which you can not remove from your homescreen 

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Apple Has Hired MobileNotifier Developer Peter Hajas

News has broke from various sources that one time Cydia store developer, the man behind the MobileNotifier ; Peter Hajas, has been hired by Apple, with the role, "iOS Apps and Framework". A few people have noted thats as this is only a new finding, they hope this doesnt mean that Notifications in iOS will again be a no show, come iOS 5 in a few days time.

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