What's Happened to the YouTube Community Spirit ?

Something concerns me … I am not asking for anything, no recognition, no pat on the back. Over the passed few months I have been conducting some research. 

When I first started YouTube the feedback was amazing. That very first video, recorded with a little compact camera on a piece of grey cardboard. As if sharing it was not exciting enough, but imagine when I started getting comments from viewers. The feedback was amazing and I loved how there was a REAL discussion happening. Starting with that very first video, I replied to pretty much every comment. As my channel grew, it became harder to deal with how many comments I received, but still, I burned many hours engaging in the conversation.

Fast forward to today and I still pride myself in replying to people whom take part in the Geekanoids community. After all, it's the interactions that make it worthwhile. 

I am a strong believer that we can learn something new every day, so I set myself a task to try and get to know the creators that I personally watch. Over the passed six months I have been commenting on others videos, both small, large and very large channels. 

It's a real eye opener to learn that of the small channels I received approx 50% replies. Of the large channels with 100K or more subscribers this dropped to around 4%. When it comes to the very large channels of 500K or more subscribers, well, I can only recall receiving 3 or 4 replies, so I don't think this deserves a percentage. 

What to take from this? I think it leaves more questions that answers. Do all creators really care? Do they value their viewers? 

Let me know your thoughts.

Above all, know that I appreciate you and wish you an amazing day, week, year & future.

Must-have apps for your phone

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Whilst we are all aware of the amazing possibilities offered by our smartphones, most people don't take full advantage of the great range of apps that are currently out there.

But with over 700 apps being developed each day, it can present an overwhelming choice to the modern gadget fan. So here's a quick run-down of some of the must-have apps that you might have missed out on.


Whilst we may all be aware of headline-dominating social media apps such as Facebook and Twitter, there are many other communication apps that can offer some eye-opening possibilities.

If you're looking to share some personal thoughts amongst friends anonymously, then the Whisper app is great fun. Rather than traditional social media sites that invariably result in people aiming to fit in with their peers, this app can provide some surprising yet entertaining discussions between you and your friends.


The digital revolution has completely transformed the way in which we keep ourselves entertained. Now you can watch entire films on your phone thanks to streaming sites such as Netflix, or even listen to radio stations from across the globe in real-time thanks to apps like Simple Radio.

Gaming has also been completely transformed through smartphone technology. There's even been a boom in online casino sites such as LadyLucks who offer some lucrative slots games via their user-friendly app which can be downloaded for free from the App Store.


There has also be a revolution in online shopping experiences with major retailers such as Amazon providing their own apps which allow for a much easier way in which to browse and purchase products. And new apps such as Wanelo allow its eleven million users to share and rate their shopping experiences in a social way that adds a much greater sense of fun and discovery in browsing the huge range of products available in the new online domain.


Whilst we can all enjoy the powers offered by our smartphones' apps, most of these apps are reliant upon a decent Wi-Fi signal to work properly. Thankfully the We-Fi app provides the world's most comprehensive list of internet hotspots, so that even if you're out and about, you can still take full advantage of the amazing possibilities presented from the power of your mobile device. And once you've found a hotspot, the Hotspotio app even allows you to simply share the Wi-Fi connection amongst your friends.

Top 5 Apps for Making International Calls

International calls can be one of the steepest charges on your mobile phone bill. Fortunately, there's an array of alternative options to choose from. Many consumers choose to use international calling cards, for example. These give you a PIN number which allows you to use any phone yet still benefit from low per-minute rates. Another option if you have relatives in the states is to call USA with Lebara or other pay-as-you-go carriers. These offer SIM cards and prepaid rates for low cost international calls. Finally, downloadable apps can be used on your mobile phone. These give you a high level of flexibility and little hassle when you need to call friends and family living abroad. The following are five of the top options.


Viber is a simple to use app which lets you make cheap international calls. You can download the app and it will scan through your contact list to connect with those contacts who also have the Viber app on their phones. If you place calls between two Viber users, the call is free overWiFi networks. However, one problem with Viber is that if another call comes in on your mobile phone, the Viber call could be dropped.


Skype has quickly become one of the most popular options for international calling. Like Viberand other options on this list, calls are free between two users of the same service. International rates to non-Skype numbers are comparable to those you'd get when you call Australia with Lebara or other destinations using a prepaid service. An added plus to Skype is that you can video chat, but the audio tends to be somewhat unpredictable. This is particularly true if you're calling areas where WiFi is spotty.

Google Voice

There are a number of different functions provided by Google Voice, including voicemail, call forwarding, and low international calling rates. However because this service is still relatively new, it has yet to catch on across the world like competitors such as Skype. This means that it's more difficult to connect calls between two Google Voice contacts, although the service can be quite reliable.


Another popular worldwide option, Rebtel has been rapidly expanding. Their apps allow you to place international calls from pretty much any device, with calls between Rebtel customers conducted free of charge. Rebtel also offers local numbers and low rates to a number of destinations, making them a strong competitor to prepaid options like Lebara.


One of the first international calling apps on the market, Fring has unfortunately been overshadowed by its new competition. However, it still offers a worthwhile app that provides video chat, instant messaging, and VoIP calling services.

When it comes to making international calls, all of these apps can provide strong alternatives to your regular mobile service. There's no excuse for ending up with a sky-high phone bill when you combine services like mobile calling apps and prepaid phone cards.