Volkswagen iBeetle integrates the iPhone through a dock, an app... and that's it

Many see Apple and Volkswagen as two peas in a pod given their similar marketing, even if previous talk of collaborations amounted to little more than speculation. That purported dream team will soon become real through the iBeetle, an adaptation of the modern VW Bug designed with a little help from Apple. Don't get your hopes up for a tie-in on the level of VW's iPad-friendly Bulli concept, however. The integration mostly amounts to an iPhone dock as well as a car-optimized iOS app that can play music, read messages aloud, take photos and augment the instrument cluster. It's a solid idea, especially when a large number of us already use our smartphones this way, but it isn't very adventurous -- the iPhone won't coordinate extensively with the center stack, unlike smartphone-aware infotainment platforms such as GM's MyLink or Ford Sync. We'd still take a close look at the iBeetle when coupe and convertible models reach US dealerships in early 2014, but it may be best for those already bent on getting somefahrvergnügen from their next ride.

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Apple takes a cue from users, invents packaging that doubles as iPhone/iPad dock

A number of Apple patents and applications have been published today, one of which details an interesting new design for the packaging of iOS devices that would also double as a stand or dock of sorts. The patent application was originally filed in May 2011, but it was published today by the United States Patent and Trademark Office and detailed by PatentlyApple. The image above is pretty self-explanatory, showing iPod nano-like packaging with a removable lid and base that transform into a dock or stand for the device. It appears the dock would act as a permanent solution, with the image above showing room to accommodate a charging cable as well as small parts to hold the device snugly in place.

This is actually something we’ve seen before. Although many iPhone and iPad users have no problem dropping a decent amount of money on a dock, there are no shortage of users who have come up with innovative ways to turn the current iPhone and iPad packaging into a dock and or stand for free. Below is a video, courtesy of GottaBeMobile, showing an iPad mini box being transformed into a free docking station with very little effort.

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Apple's new iPhone 5 dock connector: It's called Lightning and it's 80 percent smaller, but the adapter is $29

The new iPhone deserves a new dock connector. Say hello to the reversible, 80 percent smaller, Lightning. The likes of Bose, BLW and B&O are already working on new compatible docks while the new connector itself is now easier to connect, more durable, all digital, with an adaptive interface which warrants some closer inspection. Naturally, an adapter will also be made available for your existing iPhone peripherals, but if you have a number of devices to connect, it's likely to put a hurt on your wallet -- the adapter is now for sale in the Apple Store for a whopping $29. At least it'll pair well with that Thunderbolt connection, right?

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Leaked iPhone 5 Pic Compares New Smaller Dock With Current 30-Pin Dock [Rumor]

In Cult of Mac’s feature on the future of Apple’s dock connector, John Brownlee hypothesized that Apple’s next iOS device dock would be significantly smaller because the current 30-pin architecture is severely outdated. Nearly half of the current dock connectors pins are for legacy technology no one uses anymore, and Brownlee’s research matched up perfectly with the general consensus at the time: Apple would introduce a smaller 19-pin dock connector in the next iPhone this fall.

Since then, newer rumors have surfaced claiming that Apple’s new dock connector will be even smaller than everything originally thought. Leaked photos have depicted a micro dock that could very well consist of only 7-9 pins.

New pictures of an alleged iPhone 5 exterior have surfaced today that compare the new dock connector with the current 30-pin design. The above pic reiterates the significantly smaller design, and also the possibility of a surprise to look forward to when the next iPhone is unveiled in the coming weeks.

French site got its hands on side-by-side shots of the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, and the dock connector pic is the best quality we’ve seen so far.

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Nexus 7 accessory lineup leaks, POGO dock and premium leather case coming soon

Since the release of the Nexus 7 there hasn't been all that many official accessories made available for it and those that have appeared, disappeared just as fast. There is clearly more on the way though as shown off in some leaked documents from Nordic Hardware.

As you may have noticed, there is pogo pins on the side of the Nexus 7. They were always assumed to accommodate a dock and with the leak we're now getting a look at said dock that has a microUSB charging port, a 3.5MM line out jack and is “perfectly-angled for better movie and photo viewing, browsing, and email.”  When can you get one? August 24th if the info is accurate for $50.

If you're not really feeling the current case offerings for the Nexus 7, no matter. There is apparently more on the way. A premium leather version of the official Nexus 7 cover is shown to be arriving August 31st for $39.99 in 4 different colors. That's all in addition to more color offerings for the original grey cover. If you want to see more, look below but of course given they are leaked documents, we'll have to wait and see what shows up when.

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